Located just 100 km west of Stockholm, is the birthplace of global fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (aka. H&M). We know that you already love (and have fallen in love) with the distinct lines of Swedish fashion like Acne, Cheap Monday or Tiger of Sweden so we won’t include those here today. After all – this IS the shopaholics guide. So whether you are more into modern lines, vintage finds or cool street looks – here are just a few of our own treasure shops to add to your already stylish wardrobe.

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Modern Fashion


Västmannagatan 49

113 25 Stockholm

Located at Odenplan in the middle of Stockholm, Keen is a back-alley shop worth a visit. Open since March 2006, the owners have proven their sense of style with their selection of personal brand favorites. Converted from an old laundromat, brands now replace older washers to give it new unique atmosphere (and pretty good story to tell). You’ll find brands such as Blank, Burfitt and Rodebjer from Sweden as well as Danish Baum & Pferdgarten. Jewelry comes from Cornelia and bags from TSM.

Mrs H

Birger Jarlsgatan 9

111 45 Stockholm

If you describe your style as modern, urban and sophisticated – this carefully curated clothing retailer should be your first stop. You’ll be impressed to find that the store is quite small but has a very well sorted layout with clothes neatly placed on glass shelves and hung to perfection. Mrs H also offers skincare from Rodial and cosmetics from Mirenesse and Becca Cosmetics. Here you’ll find a mixture of Frame Denim, Alexander Wang, Balmain and Rica among others.


Folkungagatan 86

Södermalm Stockholm

Tjallamalla is a cute little store with big ammo. They offer more than 250 designers and labels and have stores in Stockholm and Malmö. The store in Stockholm opened In 1994 and located in Södermalm. Here you’ll find both established designers and up and coming newbies. Since the variety is so wide some of the garments exist only in one single edition! Plus, they offer both new and vintage clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags and accessories.


Locations in Stockholm

Classic Swedish design is exemplified in WHYRED. The fashion line is inspired by classic garments and uniforms with a modern edge. The character of this brand is credited to their meticulous attention to fabric and details. You can’t miss their storefronts in Stockholm – there are two of them. The main flagship store at Mäster Samuelsgatan and another one in a mall named Bruno in Brunogallerian.



Hornsgatan 75

118 49 Stockholm

Vintage in Stockholm? Judits is a classic. They have been around for more than 10 years and their vision is to create an inspiring and unique shopping experience for their customers. You’ll find a mixture of new and old as they offer both older vintage clothing as well as the latest trends From vintage clothes to bags and jewelry, the owners are always bringing back goodies on their trips around the world. They also buy clothes and accessories from private individuals and resellers with commission. You know what they say, “One (wo)man’s trash, is another (wo)man’s treasure!”.

judithsPhoto Source: Judits


Locations in Stockholm

This is Stockholm’s biggest second hand store with three locations (Åsögatan, Brännkyrkagatan and Drottninggatan) that all have a wide offering of vintage and second hand clothes for every taste. Originally they opened in London and quickly became popular. Here you’ll find 20th-century fashion in all its outrageous and exotic glory. This is a perfect store to lose yourself in the memories of times gone by. It’s also the perfect place to find your outfit if you’re going to an 80’s party!



Brunnsgatan 9

Stockholm, Sweden

Caliroots is the main streetwear store for surfers and skaters in Stockholm. Caliroots was started in 2003 by two streetwear pioneers in Sweden named Per Norell and Andreas Koschnike. They started their own little empire by focusing on clothes from brands sprung from the surf- and skate cultures in California, US. They offer both more clean, one colored garments as well as crazy prints and popping colors.