It’s Halloween. The Scandinavians love a good scare and there is plenty to do in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo.


Whether you planned to be in Scandinavia or just happened to find yourself here during Halloween, you’re in luck! Halloween is a much loved holiday, even though Denmark and Norway already have another dress-up day earlier in the year called Fastelavn. So make your way to Copenhagen, Stockholm or Oslo and enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year!


Halloween at Tivoli is a must-do in Copenhagen. Pay a visit to the second oldest amusement park in the world (that should add some spook factor for the night) and enjoy activities all day from pumpkin carving to parades. Daytime is perfect for the kids while evenings might be a bit scarier. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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If you’re in Stockholm, or should we say “Shockholm” you’re in for a treat because it turns into Scandinavia’s largest Halloween Parade. Between the costume parties, appropriately themed foods and lots of daytime activities, Halloween might just be the wildest time to visit Stockholm!

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There might not be a fancy dressed up amusement park or massive party, but if you are in Oslo for Halloween – get ready to party. We’ve collectively decided that this is the creepiest but most thrilling party to be at in Oslo – Halloween Weekend at Hard Rock Cafe. It’s free entrance, free thrills and lots of free scares!

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Halloween at Hard Rock Café in Oslo.

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Know of any other good events going on in Scandinavia this Halloween? Please share the scare!