When you check in at a Clarion Hotel you will be greeted by a curated Spotify list, sustainable drinks and food. They are city or airport hotels where business meets pleasure, or as they call it – bleisure. Read more about the passionate staff and everything they fill their hotels with – because surely you are also wondering what Beer Yoga is?

Clarion Hotel couple dining at restaurant

City hotels where business mixes with pleasure

There is something special about stepping through the doors of a Clarion Hotel for the first time. You’ll immediately be struck by the scent that fills the air and the playlist that sounds in the speakers and adjusts to the day of the week and the time of day. In the lobby, there is usually someone sitting and working, whilst a group next door might be taking a drink. Their lobby, which is always in the middle of town or at the airport, is a melting pot for business and pleasure. They simply call it bleisure. And maybe this is how your next trip looks e of day and a combined business trip and weekend away with friends or someone you like?
Restaurant NordaIt's almost like you want to sing “I’m on top of the world” when you visit Norda on the 13th floor of Clarion Hotel The Hub

Clarion Collection – coffee and dinner included!

All our hotels within the Clarion Collection chain always include breakfast, afternoon coffee and cake, and evening meals in the room price. The afternoon coffee and cake is served sometime around 3pm, and it includes coffee, tea, and something sweet. The evening's dinner is served from 18:00 until 21:00, during which time a buffet is served with a main course, soup and salad.
Afternoon Sweets Clarion Collection Hotel BorgenHere's what an afternoon coffee at Clarion Collection Hotel Borgen in Örebro can look like. Photo: Elenor Andersson.

Green all the way - even in your glass!

Clarion Hotel works actively to create as sustainable a hotel stay as possible. And in addition to the fact that the menus are getting greener, so are the drinks, too. For sure, you want to be able to live sustainably even when you enjoy it, right? In the hotel bars you will find drinks such as "The Leftover Cocktail", a fruit-based drink where the bartender took advantage of fresh remnants such as orange peel or half an apple – left over in the creation of other drinks. And how interesting is it that to be able to get a new drink every time? The bartender likes the variety and we think you will too.

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Beer Yoga and outdoor cinema

The Clarion Hotel offers so much more than just a place to stay overnight. It is a meeting place and a living room, for both hotel guests and local residents, with bars and restaurants where you will quickly feel at home. The Clarion Hotel also organises many different activities in the hotels. Everything from Beer Yoga (yes, you do yoga and drink beer at the same time) to concerts with Tiësto and an outdoor cinema. Sound interesting? Then let us make it easy for you! Here you will find a list of activities that our hotels organise.

So, next time you go traveling, for work, privately or both – choose a Clarion Hotel!