There’s nothing better than knowing what you want. We’ll give you that, and so much more.

Clarion Hotel Food
Clarion Hotel and its guests have a very specific thing in common - a great eye for detail!

Most of us know what we want, what’s important to us. This is, of course, individual and differs from person to person, because we’re all unique. To indulge with a hotel breakfast or to sleep in a hotel bed is nothing new for most people. What’s unique and special are all those other things, the small details that really make a difference. Like the smile on the breakfast chefs face when he greets you in the morning or when you experience that the hotel bed is so much better than your own bed at home.

Vacation, relaxation, work and homesickness. For some, a hotel visit can be a welcomed break from daily life, but for others it can be just another day far away from family and friends. Though for us, it’s a chance to create a unique and joyful stay for our guests. And that’s what a hotel stay is all about - a relaxed stay, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. Or bleisure.

You’re always where it happens when you stay with Clarion Hotel

We know that life can be quite stressful, this we know. That’s why all of our hotels are located in the city centre or close to major airports, so you don’t have to waste your precious time on relocating. Just so you can spend your time on those things that actually matter.

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live - facade

You don’t have to leave the hotel - if you don’t want to…

Wonderful beds, crisp linen and huge pillows can make even the most overachieving of us consider staying in bed all day. And with amenities from Rituals, your morning shower will be a true pleasure. Set aside comfy beds and great products, we all need a tasty breakfast to be the best version of ourselves throughout the day. Fairtrade coffee, smoothies, juices in every colors, ham and cheese from local producers and our ecological omelette made á la minute… And so much more. You name it, we’ve got it. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you have to try our pastries, freshly baked every day by our very own pastry chefs. It can’t get any better than this!

Clarion Hotel omelette breakfast

Art, music, cocktails and mocktails

A stay at one of our hotels will always mean new experiences for you. With art decorating our walls, with artists such as Olle Beartling and Edvard Munch, and design furniture from some of Scandinavia's foremost designers you’ll always be in a beautiful and stylish atmosphere when you stay with us. In the bar you’ll find your favorite cocktail or mocktail while you listen to our curated playlists. Then wind down with a book or a cup of coffee in our living room and just enjoy the atmosphere. Feeling restless? All of our hotels arrange a wide assortment of events, ranging from Yoga brunch to Afternoon tea and Outdoor cinema. Have a look in you hotel’s event calendar to stay updated.

Clarion Hotel Amaranten - Living room

For all foodies out there

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, we all have to eat. And if there’s something that’s important for both us and our guests, it’s what actually ends up on the plate. Our magnificent chef’s work daily on developing new dishes and taste combinations, unlike anything you’ve tasted before. You won’t be disappointed when enjoying locally produced and ecological ingredients either for lunch or dinner.

Always on the move, but still fit and fab

It can be hard to keep up with your routines when you’re always travelling. And we know that food choices and your workout schedule can suffer. But not when you stay with us. You’ll find both beginner and athlete running maps at the front desk and if you want a trip to the gym, we’ve got that too. And finish off with a nice swim in our pool? Or the sauna. It’s up to you.

Clarion Hotel Post pool

Yes - WeCare

By staying with us, you automatically contribute to better the environment and our society, Yes, you heard right! We continuously look for and implement new ways to reduce our footprints, meaning that we reduce our food waste and decrease our use of plastics and pollutants. We do this by reducing the size of our plates and harvesting locally sourced produce. We collaborate with local suppliers and we build solar panels on our roofs. And we want to do more than just reducing - we want to question the status quo, both on a local and national level, together with our guests.

Clarion Hotel Sustainable food

Our hotels are for the curious traveller. We have 28 hotels in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Your journey starts here!