Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city offers unique experiences surrounded by food, design, culture and a lively nightlife just around the corner.

Trondheim city centre
Trondheim city centre

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For most travellers, staying close to all the action is integral to ensuring a relaxing albeit productive holiday. So getting to know Trondheim starts with a stay at Clarion Hotel Trondheim, which is not far to travel from the city centre and is located close to the beautiful harbour – a perfect compromise. It is also Strawberry’s latest addition to the family of hotels in Trondheim and certainly has its own personality. The lobby has a great deal of space with a spectacular view of each floor after floor right up above you. So satisfying your craving for a beautiful view and take the elevator to the top floor and visit the Skybar and Astrum Grill & Raw Bar. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking moment as the sun sets over the Trondheim skyline. Not a bad way to check into a hotel and start your adventures.


For the ones who love seafood, Trondheim has a special treat in Ravnkloa, the local fish- and seafood market originated in the 17th century. The market fills up in early morning with a wide range of fish and seafood, something for every taste. If you want, you can even buy live fish from their big aquarium to cook as fresh as it possibly could get. So whether you are here for the first time, or live here as a local – Ravnkloa offers an experience for all who seafood lovers.

Just a stone’s throw away lies M/S Bjørnvåg, a floating restaurant that builds their food philosophy around a mix of Japanese and Norwegian influences, with fresh and local produce from the merchants in the harbour area. The owners are passionate and they call their cuisine “coast culture food”. It’s just as much about cheese, mushrooms, vegetables and meat as it is about fish and seafood. What’s more important is how they use the ingredients they have available – without any unnecessary waste. They work closely with many local producers to always keep track of what is available. Eivind, one of the owners, has spent several years in Japan where he learned to master the art of Japanese cooking and hospitality; something he brought back with him to M/S Bjørnvåg. Take note, there is only one sit down with 15-20 people per night. You’ll sit in the cookhouse with unobstructed view into the kitchen, which makes the experience quite original and intimate. They will make sure to serve food that their guests like, and refine it to perfection.


TrondheimNights_201408_0355-1024x682Photo: Bobo Olsson

Next stop is Livid Jeans, the coolest shopping for Trondheim’s “it-crowd”. This small Norwegian jeans manufacturer lives and breathes jeans and they believe in top-notch quality when it comes to the classic cowboy pants. They will tailor your very own customized jeans to make them fit perfectly – in just three hours! In the store you’ll also find a selection of brands, chosen with great care.

Another favourite among Trondheim stores is Shine, a fashion store for women with a French focus that carries lines from both known and up-and-coming designers.


TrondheimNights_201408_0366-1024x682Photo: Bobo Olsson

Bakklandet is a neighbourhood in Trondheim you don’t want to miss out on. This part of Trondheim is filled with small, colourful wooden houses and narrow cobblestone streets. You’ll find many cosy cafés to visit in Bakklandet and it’s perfect for an afternoon bite. Solsiden is an old workshop area that’s been revitalized by young and creative companies, bars and restaurants. Among them is Sot Bar & Burger that prides themselves on having Trondheim’s best burgers and widest range of beer.

The final stop is Nidarosdomen, the cathedral with structural elements originating from early 1100’s. This is a definite part of Trondheim’s history that you have to visit before leaving the city. Trondheim is all about passion – and you certainly can’t tell it’s only the third biggest city in Norway as it shines with above and beyond your expectations.

This is a repurposed version of the article “Trondheim i toppform” from Strawberry’s Nights Magazine, written by Per Olsson.

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