Want to earn more bonus points? There are several ways to collect points, including through our partners' services and offers. Here are some smart tips on how to quickly start earning points that you can then use for everything from luxury weekend trips to brand new suitcases.

Royal Caribbean snorkeling

How do I earn points?

First and foremost, you get points whenever you stay at one of our hotels. These points are based on the room price and you get one bonus point per crown or 10 points per euro. The same goes for eating at our hotel restaurants in Norway and Denmark.

Another smart way to earn points is through our partners. These partners have put together exclusive offers and special benefits for anyone who is a member of the Strawberry. You can earn lots of bonus points by taking advantage of these offers, and sometimes you can also save a fair bit of money.

Earn points when you travel and go on holiday

We give you the opportunity to get points when booking your flight. We work together with Finnair, an international premium airline. This airline has its own member club, Finnair Plus, which gives you points when booking flights.

If you are a member of Finnair Plus, you can convert your Finnair Plus points to points. In addition, Finnair Plus members can earn additional Finnair Plus points by staying at our hotels.

Once you have landed at your destination, you will be able to earn points while exploring the area. We work with Hertz, an international car company. Not only do you receive bonus points when you show that you are a member of the Strawberry, you can also get a better price on your car rental booking.

Everyday points

It's easy to collect points even during weekdays. If you are a Coop member, you can convert your Coop Points to points, plus you can also get discounts on hotel rooms at weekends.

As you can see, there are several ways to get a lot of bonus points quickly. Take advantage of our partners’ services and offers to quickly gain a lot of bonus points.