Do you feel like you've been chained to your home office desk lately? Well, we've been rattling some chains, and we actually have four chains that we'd like to share with you! Perhaps it could help make you feel a little less chained down and a little more chin-up!

Finding yourself chained to your desk lately?

Our hotel chains will undoubtedly activate some of the nostalgia and inspiration that has been hidden behind a veil of boredom lately. Perhaps you will get so inspired that you even decide to book your next trip immediately! We'll help you choose the chain that fits you and your style - just read on!

Comfort Hotel®

"We'll just quickly check in, then hit the town"



That's what is so cool about Comfort Hotel®. It's right in the middle of everything, and things are quick and easy when services are unbundled and simplified into containing only the things you need the most: bed and location, location, location! Now we have plenty of time to enjoy our city weekend at a low price, find our new favorite bakery for lunch and go on an all-time shopping spree without having to carry our shopping bags too far. Easy living!

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Quality Hotel™

"Lollo & Bernie will be there at 10 am, we are fully dressed and ready at 6:50"



The kids hardly got any sleep last night, they've been so excited about all the things they have planned for this weekend at Quality Hotel. They will play and dance at the Mini Disco with all the other kids, decorate their ice creams in different coloured sprinkles, make at least 3 batches of popcorn a day, and jump around in bed until they fall asleep from sheer excited exhaustion. And while the kids are having fun and everything is taken care of, us grown-ups can enjoy some quality time of our own as well!

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Clarion Hotel®

"Put another bottle in the cooler, we still have time for one more round of bubblies before dinner"



Time for another relaxation weekend at Clarion Hotel®. Spa, room service and an amazing vibe - the perfect combo for nurturing our love. It's like being back in Monaco - the ideal place for mingling and meeting new people, while pampering ourselves to the max. I feel like a new person again!

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Clarion Collection®

"I'll just have 6 waffles with strawberry jam, please"



Grandma's house... That's where Clarion Collection® Hotel is taking me. A large breakfast, stylish Scandinavian fika and an evening meal - and everything in between. Yummy experiences all day long, that's when I'm feeling at my best! Would Nan be offended if I told her that the food at Clarion Collection is just as good as hers, I wonder?

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Which one's for you?

Did this help you make up your mind on which hotel chain suits you the most? How about testing out several by sending a waffle-loving aunt to a Clarion Collection® Hotel, your globetrotter cousin to a Comfort Hotel®, your friends with kids to a Quality Hotel™ and your always-travelling neighbours to a Clarion Hotel® - then you can compare? We promise you, with all these options you will no longer feel chained down!