Has it been a while since you had a proper weekend with the girls? Then we have some insider tips on how to spend two days in Stockholm with your gal pals.

Women and bike
This is the recipe for a flawless girls weekend according to us!

To make it simple we’ve divided the days into two themes – art and shopping – and we’ve only selected places that we know will hit a homerun.

Day 1 – Shop til you drop!

**Breakfast!  **

First thing’s first! There’s no way you’ll make it through the day without a decent breakie to kick start the day. And luckily we’ve found just the place for you as this French gem will get your tastebuds off to a dancing start! Petite France have a nice breakfast offer with a sweet treat that’ll be very hard to resist. But, as Édith would have said “Non, je ne regrette rien”.

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Interior design stores

Who doesn’t love to upgrade their nest a little? Start off with a Swedish favourite, Svenskt Tenn (Swedish tin), a classic among interior enthusiasts across the world. It was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson who devoted her life to creating exquisite design products. She valued true handicraft so if you’re into that kind of commitment, you’ll love this store!

svenskttenn_butik_04Photo: Svenskt Tenn

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Another inspiring design store is Illums Bolighus which holds some of the biggest brands in Danish and international design. Here you’ll find brands as HayMuutoKay Bojesen and iittala. You might just end up buying some really nice designs. And if you’d rather spend an entire day and buy everything you need at once, you can always head to IKEA.

Illum01_01_13166_v2Photo: Illums Bolighus

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Café & lunch

After the exhausting shopping spree looking for the best design goods, we figured you’re probably hungry. And since you’re going to need a good kick to keep you on track for the afternoon, what better place to eat that the one that combines good food and great coffee? Espresso House is an utterly popular café that delivers everytime you visit. Grab a salad or sandwich and a big cup of coffee to stay focused!

Espresso House locations in Stockholm

Clothes & Shoes

Okay, what shopping day would do without a good selection of clothes and shoes? In Stockholm we have a clear favourite among the city malls, NK (Nordiska Kompaniet – Nordic Company) which is very popular for both locals and tourists. It was founded in 1902 by Josef Sachs and his ambition was to offer the customers more than just shopping – he wanted to offer them an experience. He called NK “a cultural and commercial theatre”. Well, it’s still top dollar and you’ll find brands like HermésTiger of SwedenAcneMichael Kors and many more. After this, head back to your hotel and get ready for the night as it’ll be a long one!

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Dinner time

Now that your feet have regained their strength, put your best outfit on and bless either Riche or Akkurat with your presence. These two heavyweight restaurants will make your mouth water. Riche will serve you food with a classic touch like toast skagen and calf’s liver a l’anglais. Akkurat has a wide variety of dishes and one of Stockholm’s best beer menus. We advice you to check out their websites to make a fair choice!

Riche_press_mat_3Photo: Riche

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Why not end this perfect day with a nice show? Dramaten is one of Stockholm’s most well known theatres and offers a range of plays during the autumn such as Molieré’s The Miser and the Grimm brothers classic folk tale Hansel and Gretel. But hurry up and make a reservation as tickets are disappearing at a fast rate.

HOG_lans_press_1920x0Photo_: Dramaten_

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If you’d rather do something a little less classical we heartily recommend that you move along to Södra Teatern. This place offers concerts, shows and club nights and always with a twist.

Sjuan_Claes_HelanderPhoto: Claes Helander

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Day 2 – The best medicine is art


Ready for another day? We thought so! To recover from yesterday’s major hit, fill yourself with a freshly made juice from Juiceverket. Choose one that’ll get your brain up to speed and prepare you for some physical activity.


Photo_: Juiceverket_


Yes! What better way to start a day than with some yoga. Bikram Yoga have two studios to choose from. Bikram yoga is a special type of yoga where you practice postures in a heated room, normally about 38-40 degrees Celsius. If you’re not a member you’ll need to book a session especially for you and your girls. Let’s sweat it out!

Sushi lunch

We’re not even surprised you’re hungry after working hard in the yoga studio. What kind of girls weekend would this be without sushi? Raw Sushi & Grill will provide you with fresh and delicious sushi or grilled dishes. Treats on the lunch menu include maki, nigiri, wakame, yakiniku and bento among others. Yum!

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Fotografiska is an art gallery with a big reputation. It was opened with a bang in 2010 with the world famous Annie Leibovitz’s exhibition A photographer’s life 1990-2005. Need we say that it was a total hit and that Fotografiska is now one of Stockholm’s most popular art galleries! At the moment you’ll find Joyce Tenneson’s exhibition Light Warriors among others. The gallery also organises workshops, events and photography courses. And they have a gift shop, café and restaurant. You could, undoubtedly, spend hours and hours at this place.

Max_012952Photo_: Max Plunger_

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That’s the recipe for a flawless girls weekend according to us! And by the way, here’s our hotels in Stockholm. Call your girls and make the  necessary reservations, there’s no time to loose!