Kämp Bar – one of the oldest classic bars in Helsinki

In one of the city's most luxurious hotels, you'll find the Finnish capital's most distinguished meeting place.

  • "The entire hotel has a very long history."

  • "It opened in 1887, and the bar came the following year, mainly offering German beer for sale, since the owner, Mr. Kämp, was German," says Joona Kurkela, the bar manager at Kämp Bar.

  • The bar is located on the first floor of the prestigious and historic Hotel Kämp, overlooking the idyllic Esplanade Park.

Helsinki's Living Room

For many years, Kämp Bar was a gathering spot for the city's top socialites, including many renowned Finnish artists and writers. Today, the clientele is more diverse, but the bar has managed to preserve its ambiance and history.

"In a way, this is still Helsinki's living room. Everyone in the city knows Kämp Bar. It is a classic American bar with a rich history. In fact, it's a very special hotel bar because the majority of our guests are locals," explains the manager, Joona.

"We are known throughout the city for excellent service and exquisite drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We always strive to provide exceptional service. Everyone is welcome here," Joona adds.

Champagne and Wine for Everyone

In addition to classic cocktails, Kämp Bar offers a wide selection of wine and champagne. In fact, they have around 100 different types of the latter.

"Here, we have wine and champagne in all price ranges, and the wine menu is around 60-70 pages long. I would dare to claim that we have one of the city's best and most extensive wine lists. It's virtually impossible to not find something you like here," Joona says proudly.

The bar manager adds that the staff listen closely to their guests when selecting wines for the list. In addition, the hotel has a sommelier who contributes with expert knowledge.

"We also work closely with the hotel's restaurant, Brasserie Kämp, when selecting the best options for our guests."

Furthermore, the bar offers a wide selection of gin, particularly Finnish gin.

"Gin and tonic with local gin is very popular. We have around 20 types of gin, both well-known and more obscure labels."

Stay at Hotel Kämp.

  • Lovely Outdoor Terrace

    Kämp Bar is located in the heart of downtown Helsinki and boasts a beautiful outdoor terrace.

  • Here, you can sit and enjoy a classic cocktail in the sun while engaging in some people-watching over Esplanade Park.

  • "When our outdoor terrace is open, we have around 180 seats. It's very popular, especially during the summer, when it's almost full all day long."

  • "It's the perfect spot to simply savour the weather," says Joona.

Red drink at Kämp Bar in Helsinki.Friends enjoying colorful drinks at Kämp Bar in Helsinki.Unique and fun cocktail at Kämp Bar in Helsinki.

Kämp Bar


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