Dessert at restaurant Toscanini in Helsinki.

Popular restaurants and bars in Helsinki

Finnish cuisine, embodied by Helsinki's excellent eateries, prides itself with the use of locally produced, seasonal ingredients in classic recipes. Here, you will taste mountain air, fresh water and crisp flavours delivered by nature to your plate.

Superb, sustainable restaurants

Helsinki's culinary traditions places tradition and sustainability at the heart of good cooking. Here you will find menus rich in seasonal recipes made with fresh, locally produced ingredients. Savour earthy mushrooms and crisp berries from the Finnish forests, the tasty catch of the day and one of the staples of the Finnish diet – oats, cooked with skill and invention. Helsinki is the perfect place to enjoy the flavours of nature, straight from the forests, rivers, seas and fields.

Explore Helsinki's culinary arts

The ideal time to explore the food scene in Helsinki is during 'Restaurant Day'. On the third Saturday in February, May, August and November, the city is filled with pop-up restaurants as anyone can open an eatery for the day. This causes an explosion of choice, with chefs travelling far and wide to offer a huge range of dishes from Finnish classics to unbelievably tasty world food. After trying something new, you can continue your food journey with the city's excellent restaurants and bars.

The capital with something for everyone

There is a wealth of choice in Helsinki when it comes to food. Enjoy contemporary, creative places such as Toscanini, the delights of the sea at Sue Ellen, or salve those hunger pangs and soak up the unique interior design at Wintergarden or Art Lounge Bar. Explore Helsinki – and you will discover something new and satisfy everyone.


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