A visit to one of our Quality Hotel™ is more than just a meeting. in fact, you can look forward to many different memorable meetings! You might meet in one of our conference rooms, by the coffee machine, in your room, by the shuffleboard table, at the reception or in the restaurant. Perhaps you’ll come here for large conferences, client meetings or most importantly, wonderful family getaways. Regardless of why you’re here, Quality Hotel™ is always a great place for memorable meetings.

Randi - working at Quality Hotel

We have everything you need for a memorable meeting, whatever the occasion, season or time of day. Enjoy a weekend break with your family or combine a work conference with teambuilding. Our promise to you? Smiles, memorable experiences, laughter and fun. Lots of fun!

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Both superheroes and everyday heroes can expect memorable meetings with us

A Quality Hotel is all about memorable meetings - meetings between two colleagues coming up with a fabulous idea, families making memories that last a lifetime and a big group of work buddies all suddenly sharing the same vision! It is about our meeting with you - experiencing moments together that really matter.

Hotels of varying sizes in places where you want to stay

Whether you’re a superhero or an everyday hero, we're here and waiting for you. Regardless of whether you’re organising a kick-off conference with a 100 superhero-colleagues, participating in a small meeting, or simply enjoying quality time and a break from everyday routines with your family. You’ll find our 58 hotels in exciting destinations that include urban city centres, suburbs, stunning natural environments and airports across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. See you there!

Come as colleagues, leave as buddies!

We're good at meetings. Really good. Great in fact. We know exactly what it takes to create memorable meetings - big ones, small ones, board meetings, conferences, teambuilding sessions and fun activities. Plus many more of course! All our conference guests are made to feel welcome here. And with popcorn and soft serve ice cream always included, the smiles are on us!

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We're not pretending to be conference pros. Well, actually we are. We literally always go the extra mile, because we know it can make all the difference. And, we actually can’t help ourselves. We’re like a lighthouse guiding you in the right direction, hoping that your event will be a huge success. Your success = our success!

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We make it our goal for you, the host, to shine like a star! You and your guests should leave feeling uplifted, inspired and enriched.

To create a truly memorable meeting, we believe there must always be laughter involved! Your overall experience should be enhanced by fun activities and quality time spent together. Go on and challenge a colleague to a game of shuffleboard. Or really get the conversation going with FuelBox. We have a great range of fun activities to suit all kinds of events and participants. Keep it simple – just add some fun. You’ll arrive as colleagues and leave as friends!

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Come as chaos, leave as family

Drop your shoulders, unwind and enjoy quality time with the family. Here at Quality Hotel you can take every moment as it comes. The only thing you need to think about is whether you want scrambled eggs or yoghurt for breakfast. Or why not have both? Forget daily chores, we’ll take care of the dishes and the housekeeping. We love to spoil tired parents and make kids happy, so just relax and focus on creating memorable moments that last for a lifetime.

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Life is an adventure. All Speed Freaks, Pool Pirates, Foodies, Day Dreamers and Soap Divas write a chapter or two at Quality Hotel. Whatever your passion, you’ll find plenty of inspiration with usl. Our hotels are ideally located in places where you are sure to find something to excite and delight you, no matter what you’re looking for! We look forward to hearing all about your latest adventure.

Flavour sensations that taste as good as they look

We’re passionate about healthy, sustainable food that both looks good and tastes great. Look forward to tempting and tasty green meals made from seasonal, local produce and a whole lot of love! We’re all about fun, but we’re very serious when it comes to minimising waste and choosing good ingredients. Prepare for amazing flavour sensations featuring plenty of Nordic delicacies!

Quality Hotel Seasons food

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

Many people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, roll out of bed and follow the smell of freshly brewed coffee down to our well-filled breakfast buffet. Pick whatever you like and start your day the right way. And best of all? Breakfast is always included in your room rate. Bonus!

Breakfast at Quality Hotel

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway with your family, a teambuilding event with colleagues or a big conference, you’re always welcome at Quality Hotel.

Superhero or everyday hero? We’re here for you!.

Quality Hotel™ - For meetings that matter