Early mornings, poor sleep, barely any breakfast. Then add stress, lines and chaos - and perhaps even more stress. Sound familiar? Yes, we're referring to airports, of course. But then again, you do have an amazing trip coming up! And we think you should treat yourself to the best possible beginning of the holidays. So read on!

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport View
Treat yourself to a great start of your holidays! We list 7 good reasons to stay at airport hotels before your trip.

1. Start your holiday a day in advance

You're finally going travelling again and to many this is one of the highlights of the year. So, of course you should allow yourself to feel well rested for this occasion, and the solution is called a-i-r-p-o-r-t-h-o-t-e-l-s.

We offer a large selection of hotels close to airports in the Nordics. Wake up from a good night's sleep in a soft hotel bed, knowing the morning will be stress free.

2. Kick-start your morning with a mandatory visit to the breakfast hall

Rule number one: never travel on an empty stomach! Our airport hotels offer tasty breakfast buffets for all travellers to start their trip the right way. If your plane leaves too early for you to enjoy the breakfast buffet you can order an Early Bird breakfast in most of our hotels - a breakfast option served around 3 am - or you can bring a breakfast bag on your way out.

Check out the "Services" tab on the hotel site to see how early you can get the most important meal of the day.

Tip: Need to check in your luggage by a certain hour? Why not stop by the airport, check in your bags, and then come back to the hotel for a comfortable sit-down breakfast?

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport Säng Flying from Copenhagen? Spend a night in soft sheets at Clarion Hotel® Copenhagen Airport, located only two minutes walking from Terminal 3.

3. Avoid stress, chaos and lines - and save precious time

“You're recommended to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to departure. Expect about an hour's drive to the airport, during which time you might also need to stop for gas. Before this you need to get all passengers safely buckled up and cram six or seven travel bags into the trunk. Not to mention that poorly planned, but mandatory, U-turn once you remember those last toiletry items you left on the bathroom counter.”

There's a charm in all these preparations. But there's also a risk of unnecessary forgetfulness and delays. If you treat yourself to an early hotel night you don't need to worry about the logistics, and can relax before enjoying a short walk or bus trip to the terminal

Several of our airport hotels are only a few minutes' walk from the terminal!

4. Park your car for free(!) while abroad

Check out which hotels offer Park, Stay & Fly and read more about their hotel services:

5. We're talking hotels = soft beds, fluffy pillows, restaurants, bars, conference facilities, gyms, pools and breakfast buffets!

Need we say more? Check out what the different airport hotels offer.

Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport Pool Jump into the pool at Clarion Hotel® Arlanda Airport Terminal to kick-start the holiday spirit.

6. End (prolong) your holidays the right way

Don't drive home from the airport with dropping eye lids and chiming in your ears after a long day travelling. End your trip in as nice a way as it started! Take some time to reflect on all the new experiences and memories you and your family have made and make some more in the area around the airport hotel before going home.

7. Psst! You don't need a boarding pass to stay at an airport hotel

Our hotels are a destination in their own right, and you don't need to have a trip abroad planned to enjoy your time here. Treat yourself to a staycation or just a change of environment for a few days.

We offer hotels close to several airports in the Nordics, like Arlanda in Stockholm, Kastrup in Copenhagen, Gardermoen in Oslo and Vanda in Helsinki.

See all our airport hotels.

Safe trip! Bon voyage!