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Our hotels in Hamar

Book a hotel in Hamar, the city located on Norway's largest lake, Mjøsa. Here you will find a museum, historic buildings and a great cultural experience. In other words, there is a lot to find, and if you need some tips, just keep reading.

History on rails

If you are interested in history, Hamar is an exciting city to visit. Domkirkeodden, the cathedral, can offer nearly 1,000-year-old cathedral ruins, exhibitions from the Iron Age and the Middle Ages, and an open-air museum with many ancient buildings.

Another exciting museum to visit in Hamar is the Norwegian Railway Museum. For over 100 years, this museum has communicated the development of the railway in Norway to the public, and today it is both an indoor and outdoor museum with trains from Norway's history. Here there is a lot to see, find and learn for young and old alike.

Activities and festivals

Once you have made the trip to Hamar there are several activities and experiences to join in which you can look forward to. If you enjoy being outdoors there are good opportunities for cycling, skiing, fishing or kayaking at Mjøsa.

Hamar is also well known for Vikingskipet (the Viking ship), an indoor sports hall that was built for the 1994 Olympics as an ice skating facility. Today it is used for much more, including for The Gathering, which is a big data event held at Easter each year.

If you love festivals, Hamar also has a lot to offer here. For children and young people, the World Stop festival organized by the Norwegian Railway Museum is fun to go to. This festival is meant to be a meeting place for different cultures, and the young people can find concerts, exhibitions, workshop and a lot more there. There is also a lot of exciting food to taste. For the adults there is a Hamar Beer Festival for beer-lovers, and Hamar Medieval Festival for those who think the Middle Ages are exciting.

Food in historical rooms

In Hamar, you can eat a lot of different types of foods, ranging from sushi to local food. There are several different restaurants, the most famous of which is perhaps Basarene. Built over 100 years ago, this building has housed many different stores and more over the years. Today there is a food hall with cafes, restaurants and microbreweries. Here you can get local food from local suppliers.

Getting here

Traveling to Hamar is easy; you can take trains and buses, or drive by car. Once you have arrived in the city you can take the local buses to get about.

Conferences, meetings and venues in Hamar

Want to know more about our conference and meeting rooms in Hamar? You can find what we have to offer here.

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