Bedroom at Hotel St. George in Helsinki.

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You don't always have room for guests to stay over

As a member, you can book a discounted hotel stay for family and friends and then also get to enjoy a free breakfast.

Keep the peace at home! Send your visitors to a hotel and enjoy a free breakfast together the next morning.

Room in your heart does not always mean you have room in your home!

Sometimes you welcome visitors who have travelled from afar to spend some quality time together - parents who live elsewhere, friends who have moved to the other side of the country (or planet), or aunts and uncles wanting to combine a visit with some serious sightseeing! Even if there is room in your heart for people to stay with you, your home may not have enough space to accommodate everyone! So, we've made things easy for you to ensure you're not kept awake by snoring in-laws or friends who want to stay up and party all night!

Get a discounted rate for a friend – and have breakfast together

You can now book discounted hotel stays for your visitors! As a member of Strawberry, you can share your member discount (5-15%) with your friends and family without actually needing to stay at the hotel yourself. The reward for you is that you can head of to the hotel the next day to enjoy a lovely breakfast together with your guests - entirely free of charge! So, it's basically a win-win in every way! Got a lot of visits planned? No worries! The Be My Guest rate is available as many times as you need it until 30 June 2024!

Unlimited use of the discount

You can book with the discount as many times as you like. The more bookings you make, the more breakfasts you can enjoy! When your guests are staying overnight, you are more than welcome to come and have breakfast with them. If they are staying more than one night, please specify which day you would like to have breakfast in the "Additional requests" field when you complete the booking. The free breakfast offer applies to one person during the entire period of your stay or that of your guests. If more of you would like to enjoy breakfast, you'll get 25% off. So, make sure to choose a hotel that actually serves breakfast! You can book a stay as normal on our website, and then select the Be My Guest member rate. Your guests will of course still be eligible for bonus points as long as they are members.

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Cosy bedroom at Clarion Hotel® Gillet in Uppsala.Pool and roof terrace at Villa Copenhagen.Terrace and outdoor pool with a view over Quality Hotel Skjærgarden

Clarion Hotel® Gillet



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