Make love, not war

Under our new name, Strawberry, our values are just as strong as they've always been. But what actually are our values? Well, we essentially want to foster an open and inclusive society, particularly at a time when many people are concerned about the state of the world. That's why we are so proud to now be a dialogue partner of the Nobel Peace Center.

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Make friends, not war

The Nobel Peace Center is an important institution that promotes dialogue and peace. We support their work since we know that dialogue fosters understanding, respect and tolerance. We have a long history of supporting causes and organisations that share our values, be it UNICEF, Pride or legal aid for refugees. And we're not stopping now – far from it!

People smiling at Jernbanetorget at Strawberry launch.

Make peace, not war

The collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center has inspired the launch campaign for our new name, Strawberry. The “Make love, not war” theme does not seek to address war, but rather to highlight the contrast between the worry in the world and all that creates joy and love. In a world characterised by insecurity, it can be hard to focus on what is good, and what makes us feel good.

Be enthusiastic, be engaged

With 18,000 employees and meeting places all over the Nordics, we have a great platform to promote dialogue, cooperation and unity, as well as a good dash of enthusiasm to top it all off! We want to take advantage of this golden opportunity to arrange activities that bring together, engage and highlight important topics – topics that can make the world more inclusive. We hope that the campaign can be a reminder to people that it's the unique little moments that mean most of all, and that the best results are achieved through dialogue, cooperation and enthusiasm.

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Make noise, not war

For more than 25 years, Strawberry (previously Nordic Choice Hotels) has held a clear standpoint when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Therefore, the decision to use “make___, not war” as the message for our launch campaign is firmly rooted in the company, since it is a natural continuation of many years of commitment, as well as a new beginning for what we will be working with moving forward. We want to use our voice to stand up for topics that can be hard to talk about, and during the coming year we have a lot of exciting activities lined up in collaboration with the Nobel Peace Center.

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