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Something to look forward to. Something more than an ordinary hotel stay. Lots of memorable, sustainable and exciting adventures await you across the Nordics. Join us!

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Petter A. Stordalen purchased his first hotel 25 years ago. Now, our guests are able to enjoy 226 hotels, 122 restaurants and 21 spas. Our promise to you is that you'll experience more - and more often! Would you like to find out more?

Hot air balloon a sunny evening over Mälaren in Stockholm city.


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Where are you going next? Find exciting experiences all over the Nordics. How about Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen or some other Nordic destination?

Sushi, oysters and cocktails at restaurant Izakaya in Oslo.


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Millions of things to do and explore. Spas, food, drinks, shopping, events, amusement parks, museums, weekend breaks and "fika" – it's all just around the corner.

Images from different destinations in the Nordics.


Sit back and relax

Heartwarming stories about our employees, exciting city guides, plus food and restaurant tips from top chefs. Prepare to be inspired!

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Exclusive tips from our friends

Frida Ronge in the kitchen at UNN in Stockholm.

Frida Ronge

Restaurants in Stockholm

Dominic Gorham speaking with his hands at Sommerro Hotel in Oslo.

Dominic Gorham

The king of service

Petter Stordalen sightrunning through Stockholm on a sunny day.

Petter Stordalen

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An illustration of a biker jacket with the Strawberry logo on the back.

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