Dinner serving at restaurant in Helsinki.

Discover Finland's vibrant food scene

Enjoy a taste journey in Finland and discover this delicious cuisine, made with fresh ingredients from the country's lands and seas. And, if you love international food, Helsinki is the epicentre of a rich, world food scene that draws its inspiration from near and far.

A blossoming food scene

Over recent years, Finland's restaurants and bars have flourished, and you can find everything from Finnish classics such as Karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pirogi, to food from across the world. Alongside the success of Nordic dining, there is also a wealth of Asian restaurants. Sample a few tasty pirogues for lunch, and later kick off your evening with a taste of Asia at Boon Nam? Hmmm, yes please! Take the time to explore Finland's rich and diverse cuisine and give your tastebuds a treat.

A focus on locally produced ingredients

Finland cuisine is passionate about using the very best local ingredients, fresh from the fields, rivers, forests and seas, delivered straight to your plate. Here, menus reflect this sustainable ethos with plenty of locally caught fish, Finnish grown cereals and crisp berries from the forests. Is cheese a favourite? Then try Leipäjuusto, a mild and tasty cheese made from cow's milk, served with a redcurrant jam. To discover the best of Finnish food, follow our recommendations.


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