Asian food at restaurant Boon Nam in Helsinki.

Boon Nam – with Thai flavours in Helsinki

Indulge in thrilling flavours of Thai cuisine at Boon Nam, situated in the heart of Helsinki. Be prepared for a gastronomic expedition filled with distinctive flavour pairings and vivid cocktails.

The best from Thai cuisine

Boon Nam cherishes the traditional techniques of Thai cooking. Our eatery showcases savoury small plates, zesty salads, luscious curries influenced by central Thailand, and seafood delicacies infused with southern Thai flavours. We invite you on a culinary expedition featuring diverse elements from different regions of Thailand, each dish prepared entirely from scratch. If the selection proves too daunting, our tasting menu ensures a flawless sampling of Thailand's finest.

An exciting flavour palette

Boon Nam's menu boasts a harmonious blend of sourness, spiciness, saltiness, and sweetness, embodying the four core tenets of Thai cuisine. The excellent flavours extend to our drink menu, offering an array of innovative Thai-style libations infused with ginger, coconut, jackfruit, and basil. Join us for a taste of Thailand right in the heart of Helsinki.

Chairs at the restaurant Boon Nam in Helsinki.Colorful thai food at Boon Nam in Helsinki.

Boon Nam


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The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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