Empty wine glasses on a table, silhouetted against a bright window, implying a dining setting.

The Social Bar & Bistro

Enjoy great food and drink with views of the archipelago

Get together with your loved ones and enjoy great food and drink with great views of the water right by the quayside in central.

A place with something for everyone

Are you staying at Clarion Hotel® Tyholmen or are you having a day out in Arendal? Then you’ll probably want a good place to eat! The Social Bar & Bistro has something for everyone with great views, delicious food and a variety of beverages. The menu features both snacks and heaty dishes with wines from across Europe!

A vibrant meeting place

With a fantastic location on the quayside in Arendal, you can look out at the sea and the boats in the beautiful archipelago, while still being conveniently located in the city centre! The restaurant is just as charming and charismatic as Arendal itself, providing a vibrant meeting place where you can enjoy a great meal with your family and friends. Welcome to The Social Bar & Bistro in Arendal!

The Social Bar & Bistro

Poached egg atop green beans, with clams and red onion, on a white plate, wooden table.Elegantly set dining table with wine glasses, overlooking a body of water through a window.Gourmet dish served on a wooden board with herb-crusted beef, colorful accompaniments, and sliced bread on a dark table.