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Food at restuarant, The Social Bar & Bistro, Quality Hotel Ramsalt.

Unforgettable taste experiences in Bodö

Northern Norway's Bodö offers a unique combination of beautiful natural views and a big city feel. A day in the town can include a sea eagle safari in the morning, shopping during the day and a luxurious dinner in the evening. Here are our very best tips on food and drink in Bodö!

Try arctic food made from fine ingredients

Bodö is very much characterized by a northern Norwegian food culture, which means you can try a range of unique dishes that use exciting ingredients from the area. In the city's restaurants and bistros, you can enjoy local delicacies such as elk, reindeer, sheep, lutefish and the cod species skrei. You'll also find bakeries and delicatessens with products from local producers.

Discover the rest of Bodö's culinary scene

As well as classic Arctic food, there are of course also other flavours to try in Bodö. You'll find everything from international street food to sushi and other Asian classics. If you fancy enjoying a great view while you eat, you'll find several gems along the promenade – The Social Ramsalt, for example. Here, classic bistro dishes are served with a twist. Welcome to Bodö!


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