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Ski slopes in Central Norway's largest alpine skiing area, Oppdal.

Popular restaurants and bars in Oppdal

In the beautiful town of Oppdal you can enjoy varied, delicious dishes prepared with high quality local ingredients. Whether you fancy a light lunch, a hearty dinner, hot coffee or a quick take-away, Oppdal has plenty of choices!

Fresh, local ingredients and culinary arts

Oppdal is blessed with a rich array of options if you love a rich, piping hot coffee with a treat, something you will find almost everywhere. And, if you are interested in watching how the chefs in Oppdal prepare your food, the Restaurant Quality Hotel™ Skifer operates an open kitchen. Or how about savouring some fresh seafood or tasty pizza at SkiferTerrassen in the same building, as you soak up the stunning views, outdoors. There is plenty of choice here, prepared with skill and pride!


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