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Schnitzel and fries at restaurant The Social Bar & Bistro.

Popular restaurants and bars in Sandnes

Sandnes - a culinary destination

Located on the southern tip of Gandsfjorden, Sandnes is a popular destination for all types of visitor. Tourists come to Sandnes for two reasons -the fabulous nature and delicious food. Come and explore what Sandnes has to offer your taste buds.

Norwegian town showcasing foreign flavours

Many of the restaurants in Sandnes have an international touch, which means that you get the chance to try Norwegian dishes as well as flavours from further afar. The resort offers everything from American classics to Japanese sushi, Southeast Asian spice and Italian pizza. Even the bars in Sandnes have varied menus with exciting drinks, wines and beers from all over the world.

Don't miss The Social Bar & Bistro

Located a few kilometres from the centre of Sandnes, Quality Hotel™ Pond doesn't just offer all the amenities you'd expect, but also boasts its own bistro that has received high praise from both locals and tourists alike. Here, classic bistro dishes with a modern twist are served, accompanied by a selection of wines and beers to suit all tastes and preferences.


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