Food and wine on wooden table in a restaurant.

Popular bars and restaurants in Stavanger

If you love food – especially seafood – Stavanger is a city you should visit. The centre of Stavanger can feel small and intimate, but the culinary arts you will find here are impressively large.

The city of seafood

Stavanger is so much more than just an oil town. With the sea surrounding the city, there is no doubt that this is the city you should go to for fresh, delicious seafood on your plate. When you add fantastic cooking skills on top of that, you create wonderful, distinctive flavours to savour. Stavanger, however, does not only offer good seafood – the city has its own gourmet scene with chefs who know what it means to work hard for the best taste experiences.

Food experiences in central Stavanger

A variety of ingredients can be found in the immediate vicinity, such as vegetables, mushrooms and game. In addition to using these in their own restaurants, local producers have also supplied these delicacies to popular restaurants abroad. In central Stavanger – which seems small – you'll find a cosy harbour promenade with a wide range of eateries, bars, pubs and cafes. You can be sure to find a world-class food adventure, and the city boasts two Michelin restaurants: RE-NAA and Sabi Omakase.

A little food adventure at the airport

In central Stavanger you'll find several restaurants that serve fantastic dining experiences with their sizeable, lovely selection. If you come to the city by plane, you don't have to travel far to get a good meal; already at the airport in Sola you will find The Social Bar & Bistro, which serves wonderful food made from scratch. Here, you can enjoy the "taste of Stavanger" before you even set foot in the city centre. Welcome to the wonderful Stavanger!


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