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Colorful dishes at The Social Bar & Bistro in Tromsø.

Delicacies you can't miss in Tromsø

The food on offer in Tromsø is at least as captivating as the Northern Lights trips and outdoor activities on offer in the city. Lots of the restaurants in this Norwegian city base their menus on fresh Arctic produce, while other eateries embrace the best flavours from Europe and Asia.

Restaurants with North Norwegian dishes

Tromsø's a popular destination for active adventurers who demand real, tasty food. You can see this in lots of the restaurants' menus, which share the common thread of local ingredients and flavours from northern Norway. Visiting at least one of these restaurants and trying delicacies such as potato waffles and fish soup is an absolute must.

International flavours and atmospheres

There might be a lot of love for Northern Norwegian dishes in Tromsø, but there are also many eateries and bars with international influences. At Clarion Hotel® The Edge in the city centre, for example, you can enjoy delicious drinks at the hotel's sky bar. The roof terrace is popular among both tourists and residents. Welcome to Tromsø!


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