Chef taking order at restaurant in Oslo.

Popular bars and restaurants in Trondheim

Beautiful Trondheim offers a wide range of dining experiences. Trondheim and Trøndelag have actually become one of the most popular travel destinations for food lovers from all over Europe after it was selected as European Food Region 2022. Welcome to a gastronomic mecca!

Food experiences with the best ingredients

Trondheim is not just a beautiful and historic city in the middle of this long country. There is more here than just the River Nidel, Gamle Bybro, Nidaros Cathedral and beautiful wooden houses. Trondheim simply offers amazing dining experiences with world-class ingredients sourced from lush forests, mountains and the sea that surrounds the city. Seafood prepared in unique ways is some of what you can enjoy, as well as mountain game and mullet that are sourced just a few kilometres from the city.

European Food Region 2022

A visit to the restaurants in Trondheim can be said to be worth the visit alone. Here you'll have unique dining experiences as recognized by an international team of experts. Trondheim and Trøndelag were named a "European Region of Gastronomy" in 2022, an award that no other Norwegian city or region has received before. The award pays tribute to the fact that Trondheim and Trøndelag focus on local food and specialities. Raw materials are developed here in a way that other cities can only envy.

Food adventures in and around the centre

If you're the type who likes a trip to the pub with a good meal, Kieglekroa, Trondheim's oldest pub, is worth a visit. This pub located in the heart of Trondheim serves everything from small dishes to larger fish and meat dishes. Or maybe proper barbecue with a modern continental twist from Emilies Eld in the same building sounds tempting? Welcome to a European Food Region!


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