Four people laughing around the table at a restaurant at Quality Hotel.

Restaurants and bars in Boden

Welcome to a food paradise of Swedish classics! In Boden you can expect a lovely mix of bars and restaurants with menus that reflect Sweden's traditional favourites – often with a modern twist.

Traditional meets modern

In Boden you're greeted by bar and restaurant experiences that reflect Sweden's traditional food culture. Several of the country's classics actually come from the north, and are often featured on the restaurant menus in Boden, but with modern influences. If you're visiting the city, Palt is of course a must. And if you're staying at Quality Hotel™ Bodensia, then there's no excuse. In the hotel's restaurant, Bodensia, you'll find classic northern dishes, and much more.

Adventure, tranquility and food in between

Boden is an excellent destination for both the adventure-seeker and the more laid-back traveller. Here, you'll find activities for body and soul, whether you crave excitement or prefer some quality time in picturesque surroundings. When it's time to recharge, the city boasts a fantastic array of bars and restaurants for every occasion. Leave behind the stresses of everyday life and indulge in good food and drink, in the delightful company of friends and family. Welcome to Boden.


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