The view from restaurant Brasserie Waterfront in Gothenburg.

Brasserie Waterfront – food by Gothenburg's river

Located in the Majorna neighborhood of Gothenburg, right next to the Göta River, Brasserie Waterfront is the perfect destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience with family and friends. Guests can savour a well-prepared dinner and indulge in exciting beers from their porter pantry.

Restaurant and bar with sea view

Brasserie Waterfront offers a delightful lunch or dinner experience with a stunning view of the Älvsborg Bridge and the sea, attracting both tourists and locals alike. Guests can enjoy a delicious meal or host grand parties at this location. For larger private events, the restaurant offers separate seating arrangements, either on their glass veranda or in a spacious banquet hall. To add to the Friday night vibe, the bar offers after-work prices, perfect for celebrating the start of the weekend.

Beer culture at Brasserie Waterfront

Beer enthusiasts, look no further – Brasserie Waterfront is the perfect spot for you. With a history dating back over two hundred years, the restaurant was the birthplace of the first porter brewed on its premises. Today, Brasserie Waterfront offers an extensive selection of beers from around the world, with a particular emphasis on dark beer, staying true to its heritage. Come to Brasserie Waterfront for a tasty beer, in the right place, with a magnificent view.

Fish dish at restaurant Brasserie Waterfront in Gothenburg.Relaxed atmosphere at restaurant Brasserie Waterfront in Gothenburg.

Brasserie Waterfront


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The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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