Food at restaurant OGBG in Gothenburg.

OGBG – Asian restaurant in central Gothenburg

OGBG Bar & Restaurant is the perfect spot for those who appreciate rich flavours, fresh ingredients, Asian influences, and front-row seats facing the harbour in Gothenburg. And to make your experience even better, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and warming sunshine on the outdoor seating area.

Modern Asian food at Stenpiren

Stenpiren invites you to dream of harbours from around the world. At OGBG, we celebrate Asian flavours with our interpretations of the fantastic dishes that originated in the former East India. Our flavourful and healthy dishes are served quickly, freshly, and simply, all in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Our kitchen draws inspiration from the delicious street food of Vietnam, Thailand, and southern China, but we also offer tasty dishes inspired by Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia.

Hire the restaurant for parties and events

If you're looking for a venue to hire for a party or event, look no further than OGBG. We can accommodate larger groups of up to 150 seated guests and offer both lunch and dinner arrangements, ensuring your event is extra special. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, exhibition, mingle, or something completely different, OGBG is suitable for most occasions. Plus, our modern venue boasts the best location in the middle of Gothenburg – can it get any better?

Food and beer at restaurant OGBG in Gothenburg.Colorful food at restaurant OGBG in Gothenburg.Green cocktail at restaurant OGBG in Gothenburg.



Opening hours

The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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