Colourful food on being served at The Thief Restaurant in Oslo.

Wide variety of culinary experiences in beautiful Östersund

Welcome to Östersund, a fabulous destination full of fabulous bars and restaurants. Much of the food is inspired by international cuisine with plenty of local produce. In addition to excellent food and drink, you can look forward to stunning views of the beautiful natural surroundings!

Modern cuisine with an international twist

Östersund is a great foodie destination for all kinds of occasions! You’ll find a wide variety of modern restaurants and bars offering an international vibe in combination with the charming Jämtland vibe. Enjoy dishes featuring plenty of local and seasonal produce with flavours from near and far! Are you planning to visit Östersund this autumn? Then make sure to visit the annual Harvest Festival, and allow yourself to be inspired by local farmers and food artisans.

Experience fabulous food & nature

Östersund’s stunning natural landscape is ideal for foodies and adventurers! Go on a hike, fish in Lake Storsjön, and then end the day with an incredible three-course meal! Some of the local bars and restaurants and bars offer amazing views of Lake Storsjön and the Fröson island, so you can just sit back and take it all in! If you’re in need of some extra rest and relaxation, make sure to visit our spa hotel, Frösö Park Hotel, where wellness and culinary delights await!


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