Colorful food on a table at the restaurant at Selma Spa in Sunne.

Tasteful at Restaurant Smak

Get a taste of Värmland at Restaurant Smak! Bring friends and family for a unique dining experience in scenic Sunne. Choose from a varied à la carte menu with something to suit everyone.

Swedish, local and seasonal

Eat with a clear conscience at Restaurang Smak! The menu reflects the restaurant's sustainable philosophy through seasonal dishes, locally-produced ingredients and inspiration from the nature in Värmland. The restaurant makes great use of its fantastic location, with forest and water close by, and is part of several exciting collaborations with local food and beverage producers. Sit down and enjoy the best of Värmland with an exciting twist. Welcome to Restaurang Smak!

A magical view from your dinner table

Located adjacent to the Selma Spa hotel, just a kilometre away from the heart of Sunne, Restaurant Smak offers an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant provides breathtaking views over Lake Fryken, offering an immediate sense of relaxation. The ambiance isn't the only relaxing feature; the restaurant's laid-back atmosphere serves as an ideal setting for both your taste buds and your well-being. Sit back and savour delicious cuisine while enjoying front-row views of the landscape.

Opening hours

The opening hours may vary during weekends and other periods of the year. Please contact us for current opening hours.


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