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Meat dish with fries at The Social Bar & Bistro.

Great food and drinks in charming Uppsala

In Uppsala, you'll find a wealth of reputable cafes, bistros, restaurants, and bars. Whether you're planning a visit or already reside in the city, there are many hidden gems well worth exploring. Here are our top recommendations for the foodie on the hunt for delicious eats and drinks in Uppsala.

Cafés and restaurants in central Uppsala

You don't have to venture far to find something delectable to eat in Uppsala. If you're based centrally and wish to dine in a tranquil setting, there are numerous cosy bistros serving classic Swedish dishes at reasonable prices. If you're in the mood for more exotic flavours, you won't be disappointed either – Uppsala's offering spans Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese restaurants, all within easy reach.

Drinks for every taste

The charming streets of Uppsala boast many great bars. Whether you're looking for a casual pub, a sophisticated lounge or an upscale cocktail bar, there's guaranteed to be a spot that's right for you. The Clarion Hotel® Gillet, for example, offers a fantastic range for the beer or wine lover, as well as cocktails for all preferences. In the city centre you'll also find classic pubs for casual evenings, as well as several exciting nightclubs perfect for a full night out on the town.


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