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Backpacker Pass

Discover the Nordic summer with our singles pass!

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Summer 2024 is fast approaching, and perhaps you still haven’t finalised your holiday plans? Are you someone who likes travelling and creating amazing memories by yourself? Or are you a group of friends travelling together who appreciate the privacy of your own rooms? Then our Backpacker Pass is the solution!

Explore new places and destinations, head off on adventures you’ve been dreaming of, or just make a classic summer trip a bit more comfortable with a stay at your favourite hotel.

The Backpacker Pass applies to hotel stays for one person and gives you 5 hotel nights for 395 EUR, or 79 EUR per night.

  • 5 nights for 79 € each

  • Applies to stays every day between 20 June – 18 August 2024

  • Applies to single rooms

This is how it works:

Regardless if you want to plan or be spontaneous, you can arrange your summer just as you like it! Go ahead and choose among almost 40 hotels across the Nordics, with several consecutive nights or spread out in different destinations – this is your summer!

How do I use the pass?

  1. Buy the Backpacker Pass on this page.

  2. You will then receive the pass via email.

  3. Hotel nights are to be booked via a separate booking page that you’ll find here or in the confirmation email you received when you purchased the Backpacker Pass.

  4. When you check in, just show your digital Backpacker Pass and provide your unique code.

  5. Enjoy a lovely stay at one of our hotels!

You’ll find FAQs and Terms & Conditions for the pass below.*

Frequently asked questions

Terms & Conditions