Just as there is no single type of guest, Strawberry has no one single type of hotel. What kind of stay are you looking for?

Legs from pier summer Nordic Choice Club

If we’ve learned one thing during our many years in the hotel industry, it’s that no guest is alike. Some people just want a nice room with a decent hotel bed in the city centre, so they don’t have far to go after a concert. Others are looking for an airport hotel with parking and a restaurant, so it’s easy to sleep, eat and leave the car when travelling for business or pleasure.

Some want a hotel with lots going on both inside and out, and some like to eat waffles and dinner without needing to leave the hotel. Still others want a truly luxurious experience from the moment they check in until they check out. Our aim is to meet all of our guests on their terms. After all: Our guests are what matters the most to us.

Comfort Hotel®: Urban accommodation on a budget

Artists, concert-goers, tourists and weekend travellers are frequent guests at our over 30 hotels in the Comfort Hotel stable. These hotels are mainly found in cities both large and small, across Norway, Sweden and Denmark – plus one in Lithuania. The hotels are right in the centre, placing you as close as possible to public transport, shops, restaurants and venues. Comfort Hotel offers the best budget hotel rooms in which you get what you pay for: a decent bed, a proper hotel breakfast and a central location.

Room in Comfort Hotel Karl Johan in Oslo Left: Room in Comfort Hotel Karl Johan in Oslo

Many of them also feature bright and airy gyms which guests can use free of charge. Oh, and this chain also has a few stylish hotels under the Comfort Hotel Xpress brand. These do not serve breakfast, but a simple breakfast is available to purchase in the lobby.

Quality Hotel™: Soft serve ice cream and board meetings – an obvious combination!

If you’re ever at a conference at a Quality Hotel, don’t forget to check out the snacks laid on for delegates. You can eat as much popcorn and soft serve ice cream as you like. Adding toppings to your own soft serve usually revives even the most exhausted conference guest. Most of our 60 Quality Hotels are on the outskirts of the city and close to the airport, good for times when meetings and conferences are on the agenda.

Some also specialise in accommodating families and children, so pool fans both young and old can play, mess about and swim as many lengths as they can manage.

Clarion Hotel®: The stylish, beating heart of the city

Next time you’re looking for a place for a payday beer or a Scandinavian weekend city break, check out a Clarion Hotel. Many of these hotels warm up for the weekend with after-work drinks, DJs and a good atmosphere in the bar. Passion and pulse are good words to describe this chain of around 25 hotels. There are concerts, events and much more happening, particularly in the larger hotels.

The typical Clarion Hotel is in the centre of the city and contains everything you need within its walls. We’re talking restaurants, bars and chill-out areas, truly excellent breakfasts, gyms and even saunas. Some hotels also provide a spa and pool.

tap-room-clarion-hotel-amaranten Snazzy drinks are a frequent sight at Clarion Hotel. The photo shows bartenders at work in the Clarion Hotel Amaranten in Stockholm

How do freshly baked waffles and free evening meals sound to you? Within Clarion Hotel you will also find around 50 hotels under the Clarion Collection® brand. Many of these have interesting pasts: some were once prisons or home to rich celebrities, while others provided a home from home for artists, writers and performers.

All Clarion Collection Hotels lay on swedish fika in the afternoons, so expect sweet, elegant treats such as waffles, croissants or pancakes. And that’s not all. All overnight guests can also enjoy Tonight`s Special including a hot dish. If you have paid for a stay at a Clarion Collection Hotel, this little luxury is included in the price. Handy if you’re travelling alone and can’t be bothered to get out to a restaurant, or when all you want to do is eat at the hotel just a step away from your bed.

Independent hotels: Spas, mountains and luxury

Finally, we have our independent hotels, which are not part of a chain implying uniform concepts. These hotels are simply unique: they have their own styles, their own amenities and their own experiences for you to enjoy. They are often situated by the water or high in the mountains, but are also found in cities. If you are curious about these highlights, read more here.

Spa at Yasuragi outside Stockholm and winter at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre Left: Spa at Yasuragi outside Stockholm. Right: Winter idyll at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre

Are you looking for fika, a conference hotel offering every convenience, good budget accommodation, exciting restaurant concepts or full-on luxury? Whatever kind of guest you are and whatever kind of stay you’re looking for, we hope you find something you like with us.