People having fun at theme park Liseberg in Gothenburg.

10 inspiring activities to do during your work break

Meetings and conferences can sometimes be tedious. How about taking a break with a unique prison adventure? Or by trying the Liseberg amusement park's wildest rides? Perhaps a visit to one of the Nordic region's largest wine cellars could tempt you? Here are some top team-building activities in Gothenburg that are sure to excite your team.

  • Outside one of the first prison cells, colleagues Diana, Jonas, and Jesper are checking the poster and discussing. The challenge has a stress level of 90. It's mostly about tactics, with little focus on technique and physics.

  • "Easy-peasy," they agree and laugh.

  • The room is unlocked with a key card and time ticks away. But it only takes a few seconds before the light flashes red.

  • "No, we couldn't do this. But now we know how to solve it," says Jesper.

  • The three colleagues from Sigma Technology have come to Prison Island for team building. The rest of their colleagues are divided into groups and spread across the other prison cells. They compete and ponder, as the clock relentlessly counts down.

  • "We work a lot in teams, and it's good to get to know each other outside of work. That way, we can learn even more about each other's strengths," says Jesper.

Here are 10 activities in Gothenburg to boost creativity and foster stronger bonds

1. Prison Island

Address: Åbäcksgatan 6A

A short taxi ride from Gothenburg city centre lies Prison Island. Here, there are 38 rooms, or so-called prison cells. In each room, there are various challenges or riddles to solve within a time limit, with the aim of scoring as many points as possible. The venue is a version of escape rooms, which are becoming increasingly popular in many cities. It's all about cooperation, employing sound tactics, and thinking quickly – making it a perfect activity for a kick-off or team-building event.

"Argh... I shouldn't have worn jeans."

"You can hold onto that," Diana points towards a climbing hold on the wall.

The three colleagues must cross the room without stepping on the floor. On the other side are three buttons, which must be pressed simultaneously. The cell is locked. Time is running out. Jesper climbs across the wall, and Jonas wriggles out onto a beam that is anything but stable. Suddenly, the red light flashes. The team has failed. But do they give up?

"Haha, this is so difficult. But we'll try again!"

2. Visit a Wine Cellar

Address: Drottningtorget 10

Clarion Hotel® Post is known for its wine cellar, due to its extensive selection of American wines. Here, you can taste world-class wines from Oregon and other places on America's west coast and beyond. Up to 10 people can gather for a dinner and wine tasting with a skilled sommelier. You'll be seated around a long table, enjoying and learning, with a direct view into the impressive wine cellar.

Click here to learn more.

3. Upzone

Address: Skatåsvägen 25

A large adventure park located in scenic Skatås, just outside the city centre. This activity should ideally be planned after the conference or seminar. Here, you'll find climbing, ziplining, bumper ball (playing football while wearing a giant plastic bubble), and Combat Archery Tag – a safe archery competition. Who in the office has the best aim?

  • 4. The Liseberg amusement park

    Address: Örgrytevägen 5

  • Sometimes the most fun activities are children's activities... without the children! Set aside a couple of hours between meetings for a trip to Liseberg.

  • Will Sanna from IT dare to ride Valkyria, Europe's longest dive coaster, with a 50-metre drop?

  • Or are Anton and Felix as comfortable on the classic Liseberg roller coaster, travelling at 80 km per hour, as they are in the meeting room?

  • Let loose in the amusement park, and feel free to finish with a refreshing brew at Tyrolen Biergarten.

5. Hagabulle

Address: Haga Nygata 28

Sometimes the best activity with colleagues is a leisurely stroll and a chat. Take a trip to the Haga district, known for its wooden houses and idyllic cafés and shops. At Café Husaren, you'll also find the famous hagabulle – a gigantic cinnamon bun.

6. Gothenburg Art Museum

Address: Göteplatsen 6

One of Northern Europe's foremost museums for visual art. Here, you can see unique works by the likes of Carl Larsson, Edvard Munch, Albert Edelfelt, Rembrandt, Monet, and Picasso. Check the website for current activities and exhibitions.

7. Shopping

Sometimes a little free time between work sessions is underrated. Head to the Magasingatan shopping street – here you'll find a great mix of vintage shops, designer clothing, fantastic interior design shops, and a square with outdoor seating and food trucks.

  • 8. Lunch at Norda

    Address: Drottningtorget 10

  • Norda restaurant is well known for its lunch, both among locals and tourists.

  • The restaurant is located in the spacious and bright premises of Clarion Hotel® Post, which is the old post hall in Gothenburg.

  • It's often bustling, lively, full of laughter, and a mix of loud and private conversations. This is the perfect place for a break and lunch when you're on a work trip.

  • PS: Try its steak tartare or shrimp sandwich.

9. Sightseeing from the water

A real classic in Gothenburg is the sightseeing boat Paddan. Join your colleagues and see the city from the water, with a live guide. You'll learn about history, see sights, and be entertained as you travel through harbours and under bridges. A lovely experience, and a must-do in Gothenburg.

10. Karaoke

Address: Vallgatan 16

Teambuilding is also about stepping outside your comfort zone, and what could be more uncomfortable (and entertaining) than karaoke? Karaoke bars are popping up in many Nordic cities, and Gothenburg is no exception. Sing Sing Karaoke is among the venues that are open in the afternoon – so it's the perfect place to wrap up a day of meetings with a song or ten in a private room.

Outdoor seating area in the sun in Gothenburg city.

Three quality hotels for your work trip

Clarion Hotel® Post – for those who want to stay centrally for easy access to the city. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, swimming pool, gym, delicious lunch at Norda, and Nordic ingredients with a Japanese twist at VRÅ for dinner. The hotel has both small and large meeting rooms.

Clarion Hotel® The Pier is located slightly outside the city centre, at Lindholmen. Here, you have everything in one place for meetings, conferences, and trade shows. The hotel offers flexible spaces and creative solutions for work gatherings. And the best part? Restaurant Fei – a Chinese dining experience that's truly extraordinary. You're unlikely to find a more authentic Chinese à la carte restaurant, and it boasts fantastic views.

Clarion Hotel® Draken opens on 1st October 2023. This unique hotel has 34 floors featuring two restaurants, four bars, conference rooms, a spa, rooftop bar, screening room, cinema hall, suites, and 474 guest rooms. A prestigious and absolutely amazing place to book your next business trip.

We wish you a creative and inspiring work trip!

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