A meal is an experience lasting from the moment you enter the restaurant until you pay the bill. Some restaurants want to make the experience even more eventful. Here are 5 conceptual restaurants & theme restaurants in Stockholm worth checking out:

View and sunset from Brasserie X at the Quality Hotel Friends
Enjoy the view while dining at Brasserie X in Stockholm.

1. Koh Phangan

Adresse: Skånegatan 57, 116 37 Stockholm & Nybrogatan 8, 114 34 Stockholm

Are you longing for sun, heat and exotic surroundings? Escape to Koh Phangan – not the Thai island, but the Stockholm restaurant for a special restaurant experience. Opened in 1994, the restaurant offers a tiny piece of Paradise. The idea came to life on a beach on Koh Phangan, and everything you see in the restaurant is brought home from the island. You are welcomed by palm trees, colorful lights, bungalows and tuktuks. Everywhere you will find books, photos and other inventory from the Thai island, and let’s not forget: delicious Thai food.

DSC0066-800x350The staff at Koh Phangan are experienced Thailand travelers, so feel free to ask them a question or two. They are so knowledgable that they even have opened their own travel agency.

2.** Brasserie X**

Adresse: Arenaslingan 7, 12126 Stockholm.*

At Quality Hotel™ Globe and Quality Hotel™ Friends you can experience the restaurant concept Brasserie X – where the atmosphere is casual and you can sit wherever you like. The food served at the Brasserie are French dishes with a Nordic touch. The concept restaurant Brasserie X can also be found at several several hotels in Sweden and Norway. Where? Have a look here! The basic idea behind the concept, service and dishes is to be uncomplicated. Find a table where you please, whether that is in the restaurant, the bar or even in the lobby.

Quality Hotel Friends: Brasserie X restaurant Brasserie X at Quality Hotel Friends.

3. Sjätte Tunnan

Adress: Stora Nygatan 43, 111 27 Stockholm

Are you longing for the good, old days? It seems the founders of Sjätte Tunnan does too. They have created a medieval restaurant that takes you back 580 years, in the middle of Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town. At Sjätte Tunnan you travel back to 1435, the year the rebel leader and freedom fighter Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson was appointed Rikshövitsman, or Commander in chief..

If the medieval vibe still seems a little distant, Sjätte Tunnan offers you different forms of medieval entertainment, from belly dancers to conjurers and magicians. As musical elements Sjätte Tunnan delivers tunes from fiddles, hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes. Additionally staff dressed in hoses and robes serve authentic medieval mead.

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4. Griffins Steakhouse

griffin3 Griffins offers a steakhouse with an extraordinary extravagant touch.

Adresse: Klarabergsviadukten 67, 111 64 Stockholm

At Griffins Steakhouse you are invited by the imaginary Griffin’s couple to entrecôtes and delicious charcuterie in the unique Stockholm restaurant –  designed by the design bureau Stylt. The result is a steakhouse a little out of the ordinary as the married couple has a taste for mystique and alchemy, travel and glamour, something that is reflected in the couple’s interior. These unexpected details make the restaurant an experience in itself.

You find Griffins Steakhouse in the brand new Waterfront building, right by the central station.

5. Hermans

Adresse: Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm

Come give peas a chance, says Hermans, the plantbased café and restaurant located in Södermalm. You can indulge in the vegetarian and vegan buffet, with flavours and influences from all over the world. Don't miss out on Hermans homemade desserts from their own vegan bakery. After indulging the food, you can take a nap in one of the hammocks or enjoy the view overlooking the Stockholms old town, Djurgården and the harbour.

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