Coffee. A wonderful moment of relaxation for some, an essential energy boost for others. Is coffee a big part of your life? Then this article is for you. We list 8 things you probably didn’t know about coffee. And make sure to read them all - number 8 is extra great!

A paper cup of warm coffee with the text "A hug in a mug".

1. An espresso does not contain more caffeine than a regular cup of filter coffee

It’s a common myth that espresso contains more caffeine than a regular cup of filter coffee. It’s mainly about quantities of course! A single espresso should contain about 25-30ml of concentrated coffee with approximately 50mg of caffeine, while a regular cup of coffee contains about 150ml of liquid with 100mg of caffeine. Furthermore, many people are likely to enjoy a serving of at least 250ml as standard!

2. Café culture and the price of coffee are on the rise

Swedes are well known for their love of “fika”, traditional coffee breaks enjoyed at home or in the office, often featuring something sweet to eat. In recent years, heading out to cafés to enjoy a hot drink has also been gaining in popularity. Meanwhile the price of coffee at such cafés is increasing at a faster rate than the consumer price index!

Coffee, coffee machineCappuccino, latte, macchiato or black... Which one do you prefer?

3. Coffee is a fruit

People tend to have strong opinions about this… However, the fact is that the coffee bean is hidden away in a red fruit that grows on coffee plants. So, coffee is essentially a fruit. Or perhaps we can at least agree that it’s a seed of a fruit?

4. Solo beans have more flavour

The red fruit that grows on coffee plants often contains at least two beans. In some cases, there’s just one coffee bean and people say that these solo beans have a much richer flavour.

5. Coffee is not a diuretic

You may well be glad of a nearby toilet if you’re enjoying a cup of coffee, as the liquid will of course run through your body pretty quickly, stimulating your kidneys to produce urine. However, it does not mean that you lose more water as a result. It just means you need to go to the bathroom more often!

6. Your genes control your coffee habits

… to a certain extent, according to Patrik Magnusson, a Swedish genetic epidemiologist and senior researcher at the Karolinska Institute. He also conducts research on twins, and this has shown that even those who have grown up separately have some genetically explainable habits relating to coffee-drinking. The research identified a gene that breaks down caffeine very slowly, and people who have this gene tend to have a low consumption of coffee. You can find out more about this research here (in Swedish).

7. Caffeine offers protection against certain diseases

Not only does caffeine provide a welcome energy boost, but research has also shown that it has a positive effect in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes and Parkinson’s. At least two cups a day are also said to help against breast cancer recurrence.

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