From Kon-Tiki to cross-country: Ten fantastic drinks

Here we present ten drinks that have made Pier 42 at Amerikalinjen Norway's best cocktail bar. It's perhaps not surprising, considering the drinks are mixed by a world champion.

  • Since its opening in March 2019, Pier 42 at the boutique hotel Amerikalinjen in Oslo has aimed to deliver cocktails, good vibes, and world-class service.

  • The execution couldn't have been better even if Tom Cruise's character, Brian Flanagan, from the iconic film Cocktail had been behind the bar.

  • Pier 42, named after the legendary pier in New York that welcomed Amerikalinjen ships for decades, has won numerous awards and garnered a slew of accolades since its inception.

  • It was named Norway's best cocktail bar in both 2021 and 2022 by the Nordic bar industry at the Bartenders' Choice Awards.

  • The bar has also been mentioned by the prestigious online magazine 50 Best: Discovery, as a special place to visit while in Oslo.

In particular, it is Pier 42's concept menu Contrast, featuring the bar's signature cocktails, that has piqued the interest of many visitors. The menu was developed by the man crowned the world's best bartender in 2022, Adrián Michalčík, and is inspired by the contrasts, similarities, and historical relationship between Norway and the USA as shipping nations.

"When I create a cocktail, I want it to evoke a positive emotion or memory for the guest. That's why I try to design my cocktail recipes around a mood. When I participate in competitions, for example, I use music that fits what I want to convey," says Adrian.

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The world´s best bartender at bar Pier 42 in Oslo.

1. The Oslo Opera House

Comment from Adrián: "I generally don't like to gender categorise drinks, but this is an elegant and flavourful cocktail for a true gentleman. Maybe that's why it's my favourite on the menu."


  • Eagle Rare (Bourbon) infused with sesame oil

  • Amontillado sherry

  • Apricot brandy

  • White chocolate liqueur

  • Salt solution

  • Chocolate bitters

A drink served in a glass shaped like the Statue of Liberty.
  • 2. Statue of Liberty 1

    Comment from Adrián: "A refreshing cocktail that suits everyone. Playful in presentation and served in our own speciality, a 3D-printed glass of the Statue of Liberty's head."


  • Absolut Elyx (vodka)

  • Green apple liqueur

  • Suze (bitter)

  • Purée

  • Fresh lemon juice

3. Northern Lights

Comment from Adrián: "A modern, forest-inspired twist on a mojito. Perfect for a summer's day, perfect for a winter's day. Presented on handpicked moss."


  • Plantation 3

  • Eucalyptus cordial*

  • Pine extract

  • Clarified milk**

  • Green tea

Pink drink at bar Pier 42 in Oslo.
  • 4. Manhattanhenge

    Comment from Adrián: "A refreshing, gin-based drink – a kind of gin & tonic. Perfect and invigorating on a warm summer's day in Oslo."


  • Bombay Sapphire

  • Raspberry, hibiscus and bay leaf cordial*

  • Top up with a good tonic

5. Calvin Klein

Comment from Adrián: "A cocktail that can be enjoyed at any time of day, on any occasion, and one that suits everyone. This cocktail is a slightly simpler version of the one I made at the World Championship in Sydney. Simplified so that you can make it at home yourself. Perhaps our most popular cocktail."


  • Naked Grouse whiskey infused with ghee

  • Lemon juice

  • Butterscotch syrup

  • Strawberry juice

  • Clarified milk**

  • Top with Palmer Champagne

6. Kon-Tiki

Comment from Adrián: "It's quite simply iced tea for adults. Enough said."


  • De Luze V.S.O.P.

  • Passion fruit cordial*

  • Falernum liqueur

  • Black tea with chocolate flavour

7. The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Comment from Adrián: "This is the lovechild of a Gimlet cocktail and a Dry Martini."


  • Skagerrak gin

  • Cocchi americano (aromatised wine) infused with capers and lime leaves

  • Carpano Dry (vermouth)

  • Lemongrass cordial*

Coffee drink at bar Pier 42 in Oslo.
  • 8. Cross Country Skiing

    Comment from Adrián: "A Norwegian, reverse Irish Coffee – highly addictive."


  • Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey

  • Fernet Branca

  • Condensed milk

  • Top with toasted coffee cream

9. American Football

Comment from Adrián: "A grassy and 'healthy' cocktail. Perfect for any athlete."


  • Ketel One vodka or alcohol-free with Seedlip 42

  • Kiwi and wheatgrass cordial*

  • A splash of aquafaba***

  • Top with ginger beer

10. Spanish Harlem

Comment from Adrián: "As vibrant and colourful as the neighbourhood it's named after. Like enjoying a barbecue with friends."


  • Don Julio Reposado

  • Antica Formula Vermouth infused with smoked paprika

  • Banana syrup

  • PX Sherry

  • Chocolate bitters

  • Liquid smoke

*Cordial is a non-alcoholic syrup mixture often made from concentrated fruits, herbs or berries.

**Boil milk with herbs and citrus. Filter the boiled liquid through a bag, leaving you with a clear liquid.

***Aquafaba is the cooking water or brine from chickpeas.

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