The Hedemark town of Hamar illustrates perfectly that looks can be deceiving. In this humble, small town there are many hidden gastronomic gems! Read and be inspired by our guide.

Celebrate the big occasions at Stortorvet Gjestgiveri Hamar

Stortorvet-gjestgiveri-hamar Foto: Stortorvet Gjestgiveri Hamar

Stortorvet Gjestgiveri Hamar is a fine dining restaurant whilst still being laid-back. This is where you celebrate your grandmother’s 80th birthday or where you have Christmas lunch with your family or colleagues. At Stortorvet Gjestgiveri Hamar they focus on the seasonal produce, and the quality is always top notch. You can enjoy traditional French and Norwegian dishes in a welcoming and comfortable room with a warm atmosphere. It’s a good idea to book a table if you want to dine here, especially around Christmas time!

When you dine at Stortorvet Gjestgiveri Hamar, you can be sure that the food you are served is of top quality. The dishes are cooked from scratch and the level of skill and knowledge is generally high – both when it comes to food, drinks and a combination thereof. - Magnus S. Jacobsen

The restaurant is part of a larger restaurant house at Hamar, with a library bar at mezzanine level and a wine bar at the ground floor. With 4 (!) professional sommeliers, you are in good hands!

  • Cuisine: Norwegian/French

  • Suitable for: couples/families/large celebrations/bigger and smaller parties

  • Prince range: High

Freshly caught fish at Nagomi

Sesam-kveite-salat xl-NagomiEDIT Enjoy delicious dishes at Nagomi! Foto:

Nagomi is a proper Japanese restaurant with lots of respect for the Japanese food culture and the produce. Here they focus on fish, seafood and beautiful, appetizing presentations. Of course, you can choose from a wide range of sushi options at Nagomi, but for those who prefer a warm meal, there is a great selection for this as well. With sushi chefs with experience from international sushi restaurants Nobu, it’s almost worth to book a weekend at a hotel in Hamar just to eat at Nagomi. Try softshell crab maki – you won’t regret it!

Psst: Sushi and Japanese might not seem like kids-friendly, but we dare to say the opposite. We haven’t met a single kid who doesn’t love spring rolls and tempura maki!

  • Cuisine: Japanese/seafood

  • Suitable for: parties/couples/families/AW/take away

  • Prince range: medium

Heim Hamar – for those who love a gastropub!

Heim-gastropub-hamar-porkFoto: Heim Gastropub

Heim Gastropub Hamar is a genuine gastropub – that says it all. We’re talking fish & chips, shuffleboards, tables with their own tap and a great all-over atmosphere. The perfect place in Hamar when you want to eat and chill for a while before hitting the town! Heim Hamar offers an extensive menu with many delicious and classic pub foods, so here is something for everyone.

  • Cuisine: European/American/gastropub

  • Suitable for: AW/larger and smaller parties

  • Prince range: low/medium

Hjemme på Torget at Ubåten – The Submarine

Hjemme på Torget is a modest restaurant with take-away-options, super friendly service and a great atmosphere. Here, focus is on the food! Mohammed Mostafa, a well-known restaurant and nightlife profile in Hamar, is behind this eatery. At Hjemme på Torget you can kill two birds with one stone: you get to eat inside one of Hamar’s attractions, the peculiar building on Østre square known as The Submarine.

Here we’re talking tasty Turkish dishes and home-cooked classics like hamburger, kebab and pizza. Hjemme på Torget is perfect when you’ve had a night on the town or when you just want to eat delicious and affordable food in Hamar.

  • Cuisine: Turkish/European/fast food

  • Suitable for: groups of friends/take away

  • Prince range: low

Spice up your life at Royal India

IndianFoodPlate-stock A scrumptious Indian dinner is never wrong.

Do you feel like spicing up your life a little? Just by the landmark Clarion Collection® Hotel Astoria you find one of our definite favourites in Hamar for every occasion: Royal India. Here you can expect friendly and helpful service, cosy and atmospheric rooms with absolutely delicious authentic Indian food. The price is also great, here you can enjoy a three-course meal at a very affordable price!

  • Cuisine: Indian

  • Suitable for: families/couples/parties

  • Prince range: low

The budget favourite La Perla

stock-pizza-in-stone-oven Is there anything better than a perfectly cooked Italian pizza?

La Perla is a very popular and budget friendly eatery in the mall Storhamarsenteret. When you’re taking a lunch break from shopping, there’s only one place to go – La Perla! This restaurant is specifically known for its excellent Italian pizzas. They also serve several pasta dishes, good steaks, tasty Turkish dishes and salads. They also have a special kids’ menu and great vegetarian options, how great is that?

  • Cuisine: Italian/European

  • Suitable for: couples/smaller parties/take away

  • Prince range: low