To reduce CO2 emissions, we will launch a new legume burger in our restaurants this spring - both locally produced and very tasty, needless to say!

plant burger, vegetables, bread, platter
Enjoy this tasty legume burger at one of our restaurants this spring!

– "We have always been picky when it comes to our menu content, and now is no exception. This is a really delicious burger and we are very pleased to be able to offer it to our guests,” says Fredrik Blomberg, Director of Food & Beverage at Strawberry.

Legume Burger is the burger you can enjoy and eat with a clear conscience. It is made from Swedish-grown legumes and thus has considerably less impact on the climate than the common beef burger – one kilo of beef mince produces on average 26 kg CO2e, while the same amount of legumes produces on average 0.7 kg CO2e.

In addition, a legume burger only requires one-eighth of arable land compared to a beef burger.

A climate smart and healthy alternative

The purpose of the legume burger is to offer guests a climate smart challenger that contributes to sustainable farming, but still is as irresistible as the original – if not more.

- “Our guests love hamburgers. No matter what else we put on the menu, the hamburger is still a popular choice. However, as a hotel chain we like to challenge our guests and get them to discover new foods that they otherwise wouldn’t try. Our new legume burger is an example of this,” says Fredrik Blomberg.

In addition to legumes, the burger also contains mushrooms, oats and camelina seeds. All ingredients are produced in Sweden, contributing to sustainable Swedish agriculture. Beside the environmental benefits, there are also benefits from a health perspective. The legume burger contains 86% unsaturated fat and is rich in fibre.

So, contribute to reduced CO2 emissions and eat something delicious by trying the legume burger, which will be introduced at our restaurants this spring!