Meet Paola, concierge at Comfort Hotel Vesterbro in Copenhagen. She knows that visiting a new city means exploring and getting to know a completely new place, so finding those hidden gems might not be the easiest thing. So that’s why a few of the Strawberry concierges are going to help you out with a bit of local tips and tricks. The first tip? Here is Paola’s favourite local hangout: Café Kalaset.

Paola: “Café Kalaset is one of the ”must go” places in Copenhagen when you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast with their best specialty: pancakes! High and soft, the pancakes come in different varieties and my absolute favourites are the Blueberry ones with maple syrup. To accompany them I sometimes get their delicious scrambled eggs and a good cup of coffee! They also offer bigger meal such as brunch plates and burgers. Kalaset is located in the middle of the city center, a five-minute walk from Norreport station, precisely at Vendersgade 16. The cosy atmosphere with retro tables and chairs, candles and beautiful old radios on the walls, is another distinct value of the café and makes it extremely popular among the locals of the area.”

20141201_135807Paola enjoying some blueberry pancakes at Café Kalaset.

So now you know. The next time you’re in Copenhagen, craving a good plate of homemade pancakes (the blueberry kind), visit Kalaset. And say hi to Paola from us! Then let us know how it was by tagging your photo on Instagram with #nordicbound!

*Blog header photo from Kalaset’s Facebook page.