Going on a weekend getaway to Helsinki? Here are the top brunch spots

Helsinki is a veritable feast of excellent food and drink. Here is a list of some of the very best brunch and lunch spots in the city.

  • "This is really good. Perfect on the day after a night out. An interesting take on fries - in a good way," says Norwegian Jørgen, commenting on a bowl of chips topped with pickled gherkins.

  • A group of friends from Norway have chosen Helsinki for their weekend getaway.

  • After testing the waters of Finnish nightlife, their goal is to experience authentic Finnish cuisine. The friends have stopped by Krog Roba, a legendary restaurant and brunch spot in the Finnish capital.

  • Originally, these premises housed a police station. The restaurant is part of Lilla Roberts, a Strawberry hotel, and serves up the most delicious lunch and brunch dishes, according to the group.

  • "This is one of the best Skagen mixes I've ever had. I'd give it a 7 out of 6," adds friend Alexander.

  • Skagen mix, or salad, is a Nordic classic featuring prawns in a delightful, creamy dressing packed with dill, traditionally served on toast.

  • "There is a Norwegian saying — 'a hero is useless without food and drink'. The same appears to hold true in Helsinki, where the lunch and brunch culture is thriving."

  • Throughout the Finnish capital, you'll find top-notch restaurants offering lunch. In many places, a delicious salad buffet is included in the price when you order a main course.

Here are our favourite brunch spots in Helsinki:

Krog Roba

This restaurant is part of the Lilla Roberts Hotel and is located in the premises of the former police station. These days, the menu focuses on Nordic cuisine. Lunch is served every day from 11:30, while brunch is available from 12:30 on weekends.

Address: Pieni Roobertinkatu 3

Stay at Hotel Lilla Roberts.

2. Toscanini

You'll find this Italian gem on the first floor of the Klaus K Hotel. Toscanini has 60 seats, as well as an outdoor dining area. Here, you can enjoy authentic Italian food and an extensive wine list featuring some of the best that Italy has to offer.

Toscanini is especially known for its seafood pasta, and word on the street is that the restaurant serves the best tiramisu in all of the Finnish capital.

Address: Bulevardi 2 - 4

Stay at Klaus K Hotel.

Brunch on a table at the restaurant Krob Roba in Helsinki.

3. Brasserie Kämp

Hotel Kämp is one of Helsinki's most luxurious and venerable hotels. On the first floor of the building, you'll find Brasserie Kämp, offering views of the beautiful and bustling Esplanade Park.

The brasserie offers French classics, inspired by Finnish ingredients. The hotel first opened its doors back in the 1880s, and the restaurant has a strong sense of historical charm. The lunch menu is served on weekends from 11:30, while there's an à la carte menu on weekdays.

Address: Pohjoisesplanadi 29

Stay at Hotel Kämp.

4. St. George Bakery

On the ground floor of Hotel St. George, you'll find the famous St. George Bakery. Here, they serve fresh bread, salads, and sandwiches. In addition to the delicious coffee, it's worth sampling the fresh baked goods and cakes made in the bakery.

In the summer, the outdoor seating area is open, offering lovely views over Old Church Park.

Address: Yrjönkatu 13

Stay at Hotel St. George.

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