At the end of September, Comfort Hotel® chose to check guests into Green Rehab. They asked guests for tips and ideas for how they can go easy on the planet – and this resulted in more than 1,000 responses! The comments will now be reviewed with the hope of making our planet a little greener.

Door with sign Green Rehab at Comfort Hotel

Last year, Comfort Hotel looked at all over-consumption and signed up for plastic rehab to get rid of all unnecessary disposable plastic. Now the urban hotel chain has taken it a step further.

What is Green Rehab?

You can find information about Comfort Hotel's environmental work at the hotel's various stations at all 31 Comfort Hotels in the Nordic countries. Everything from how the hotels have removed unnecessary disposable plastic like plastic straws and plastic cups, to recycling methods, the use of environmentally friendly detergents and, not least, the healthy and sustainable breakfast buffet.

The goal is to raise awareness of environmental problems the world is facing and how Comfort Hotel, as a hotel chain, is working to reduce its environmental impact. Respecting the planet and humans is part of our DNA.

Comfort Hotel: Green Rehab check in
Time to check in? Here is an overview of all Comfort Hotel® in the Nordic countries.

What is Comfort Hotel actually doing for the environment?

Comfort Hotel does a great deal to protect the environment. Here are some examples of what the hotel chain is proud to have accomplished as well as their goals for the future:

  • Comfort Hotel's goal was to become completely plastic-free during 2020 to help save our oceans, a goal that the chain already achieved in 2019. The next step is for all hotels to become totally plastic-free.

  • The goal for 2021 is to reduce the hotels' water consumption to 180 litres per guest per night.

  • Comfort Hotel only serves fair trade coffee to avoid the use of several tonnes of fertilizers and pesticides.

  • The goal is to have a recycling rate of 99% by 2021.

  • The Comfort Hotel's breakfast buffets consist of a smaller selection of products to reduce food waste. The buffet consists of a large selection of organic products in addition to reducing the size of the dishes and bowls to ensure that everything gets eaten. Take smaller servings and second helpings instead of taking too much and throwing food away.

  • Comfort Hotel is constantly working to find environmentally friendly cleaning products, reducing the use of red and yellow chemicals that affect people, animals and the environment. The goal is to reduce usage to 12 grams per guest per night by 2021.

  • All hotels are ISO 14001 certified.

Share your best environmental tips and win a free stay at one of our hotels

All guests receive an environmentally friendly and ecologically degradable coffee cup. You can then return to a Comfort Hotel to have more environmentally-friendly organic fair trade coffee.

Comfort Hotel is always looking for new and smart ways to reduce its ecological footprint, and would love your input! Share your best environmental tips and join the draw for a free stay at a Comfort Hotel of your choice. Click here to submit your environmental tip.


We have a tradition and a culture at Strawberry of doing more than what is expected of us - for our guests, employees, society and the environment. We call this work WeCare. Read more about how we work with sustainability and corporate social responsibility.