Equipped with rubber gloves, a magnifying glass, cool sunglasses and the iconic black hat these experienced guests scour the hotels in search of violations of government restrictions and regulations. Now, is this really how Safe Stay Supervisors work? Do you have what it takes to be chosen to join them?

Secret agent out on a mission to inspect the Safe Stay measures
A secret identity on a secret mission to make the world a safer place. It sounds like a 50s spy movie, but that is actually the short version of the story you can write about being a Safe Stay Supervisor at our hotels.

It's important to us that you feel - and are - safe when staying with us. As soon as the current situation became reality, we launched the Safe Stay programme to implement measures and routines to stop any spread of infection in its tracks. You can read more about specific measures here.

Would you like to take part in protecting other guests from a global pandemic?

To stay on our toes we recruited a selection of experienced hotel guests to conduct a secret mission while staying at our hotels: to observe and report the extent to which the measures and routines are followed. And we need more spies to send out on this important mission. Find the job advertisement below - and read on to see how three of our current supervisors like the mission they signed up for.


  • Check in at the hotel as an ordinary guest, but secretly control the Safe Stay measures of the hotel

  • Report on your findings after your stay by means of a detailed questionnaire

Qualifications & personal abilities

  • You have extensive experience as a hotel guest

  • You are thorough, honest, observant and have a keen eye for details

  • You possess discretion and the ability to not reveal your identity

  • You are a member

  • Martini-drinkers may be preferred - shaken, not stirred!

We offer

  • Training in inspecting hotels

  • Lucrative compensation in the form of bonus points for each hotel in which you conduct a control check

How to apply

Do you believe you have what it takes and that you can help us do our best? Then we would like to hear from you! Fill in this form, and you might be our next Safe Stay Supervisor.

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Hear three of our hotel directors explain more about the Safe Stay Supervisor role.

References from our Safe Stay Supervisors

- To be able to improve something, you will first need to know it needs improvement.

safe-stay-controller-merjaMerja and her son enjoy exploring hotels. Merja likes combining pleasure with business, and finds the Safe Stay Supervisor role to be right up her alley.

Who are you?

Merja, 60 years old. I'm a store owner and creator of women's clothing. On my spare time I like to travel, preferably together with my adult son, who has a disability. He loves staying in hotels, and this is our hobby.

There's an application process to be selected as a guest controller, and not everyone who applies is selected. What do you think was the reason they chose you?

I travel a lot for leisure in the vicinity of my home town, about two staycations or weekends a month. And I've also travelled a lot in my job as a designer, so I know what I appreciate. Furthermore, we regularly rent out our cabin to tourists, so I know what our guests expect. I've also worked as a mystery shopper for over ten years, so I'm used to observing and taking notes to fill in evaluation forms later on.

What do you do at the hotel?

Prior to arrival I read through the questionnaire a few times to prepare myself for what to look for. I write down a few notes once I get to my room, and make sure to double check that I have all the observations needed for the mission before filling out the report.

Being an inspector is an important "job", so it demands quite a bit of you, both during the application process and when reporting on the Safe Stay measures after your stay. What got you interested in applying?

As I said, I've worked as a myster shopper for several years and I find it interesting and fun to be able to combine business and pleasure. And I like to think that my comments might lead to improvement. To be able to improve something, you will first need to know it needs improvement. As a store owner I know how important that is, because I can't fix a "mistake" that I don't know about.

What would you like other potential applicants to know?

Keep your eyes open and be observant. Don't compare with other hotels, focus on the place at hand. Be discreet and don't blow your cover.

– I feel a bit like a spy

safe-stay-controller-geirGeir Morten, one of our Safe Stay Supervisors. Here he is undercover to keep his identity hidden from the hotels.

Who are you?

Geir Morten, 49 years old, project leader, travels for business and pleasure.

What made you interested in becoming a guest controller, and what was the reason you were selected?

I thought it would be nice to be able to give my views on the hotel, and in that way make a difference during a seemingly ordinary hotel stay. The bonus points provide added motivation, of course. I don't know the exact reason why I was chosen, but I have plenty of experience in staying in hotels and have a pretty good idea of what expectations to make regarding the service, facilities and the stay in general.

Could you tell us a bit about how you perform your role as an inspector at the hotel?

I make sure to be extra vigilant when it comes to the assigned areas to give feedback on, and follow the list thoroughly. I'm also careful not to blow my cover. I feel a bit like a spy.

In your experience, how diligently do the hotels follow the Corona restrictions and measures? Do you feel like it alters your hotel experience?

I think the hotels handle this pandemic well, and so far I've felt that the restrictions are strict and well-managed while still allowing guests to have a nice stay.

All in all, how do you feel about taking part in ensuring that hotels are secure and safe places during the pandemic?

I enjoy being given the opportunity to give the hotels confirmation that they're doing their job right, and to be able to give constructive criticism if something needs to be improved. You get to help ensure that the hotels stay alert during these challenging times.

– I feel like I'm helping to increase safety

safe-stay-controller-evaEva signed up as a Safe Stay Supervisor to help make sure guests feel as safe at the hotel as they do at home.

Who are you?

Eva, 58 years old. Works as a work environment and quality auditor, and travels for work.

What do you do when you're on an assignment?

I check that the rooms are clean and neat and that there are measures implemented in public spaces, for example hand sanitisers, signage and glass walls between tables in the dining areas. I also observe the information about the restrictions given by staff, and that all guests are given an assigned breakfast time slot.

What made you apply as a controller?

I think it's extremely important these days to feel as safe at a hotel as you do at home. Taking on this assignment makes me feel like I'm contributing to this.

Have the Safe Stay measures changed the hotel experience?

In the beginning the difference was noticeable, with breakfast in a bag, closed dining areas among other things. This summer and early fall the restrictions were eased slightly, but it still felt like the hotels had a good command of the situation.

Are there any specific abilities you should possess for this role?

You should be wearing your "inspector glasses". Dare to report things you think the hotel should be aware about. Be honest and objective.

All in all, how do you feel about participating in making sure hotels are safe and secure places during the pandemic?

It's fun and interesting, and I feel like I'm helping to increase safety.

Ready to apply to become a Safe Stay Supervisor? Find the application form here. Maybe we'll be seeing you in one of our hotels (without knowing it's you, of course)!

Speaking of stopping the spread, have you downloaded our app? Use your phone on your next visit to reduce the contact points! With the app you can check in and out without physical contact, and in many of our hotels you can even use your phone as a key. Read more about the Strawberry app here.