When we sum up Stockholm Pride and EuroPride 2018, we can say that the festival had more visitors than ever and that love and freedom were once again at the heart of it all.

Stockholm Pride Parade
Stockholm Pride Parade

”600,000 Stockholmers gathered along the streets and celebrated the colourful, loud and loving parade that passed through the town,” explains MingelMartin, who helps us list the highlights of this year’s Pride in Sweden’s capital.

”A powerful feeling”

Martin ”MingelMartin” Edlund, 33, works at Clarion Hotel® Stockholm and in addition to his usual job, he is well on his way to becoming a big profile in Stockholm’s entertainment world. During EuroPride in Stockholm and Gothenburg he held a number of events and participated in both parades. Martin is a Pride lover of rank and for him it is a matter of course to support and attend the festival:

“I love everything about Pride. The atmosphere, the people, the colours, the love, the parties. It’s so insanely fun and when you have the opportunity to contribute to a celebration of love and everyone’s equal worth, I think it’s really important to do so”, says Martin.

MingelMartin. Foto: Private

More people than ever were celebrating the love

This year’s Pride was no exception. In addition, this year beat an attendance record:

”It was absolutely magical as always, and this year, there were more participants than ever before. It is a powerful feeling to experience 600,000 Stockholmers gathering along the streets and shouting encouragement to the colourful, loud and loving train passing through the town. It makes you feel so humbly proud of the city, Sweden and all the amazing people who are here!”

“We have shown where we stand with our hearts”

Martin is proud to work for Strawberry, one of Pride’s largest sponsors.

”In these times, it's more important than ever to show your position as a company and to show clearly you stand for diversity and everyone’s equal worth. With our amazing ‘Room for All’ slogan we have really shown where we stand with our hearts and that all our doors are open for everyone,” says Martin, and continues:

”I see it as a matter of course to be engaged and show that we are really doing this with our hearts and not ‘merely’ as a point in some sustainability plan or the like.”

About MingelMartin

Name: Martin Edlund
Age: 33
Residence: Fruängen in Stockholm
Family: a little sister, mom and dad. In addition, I have lovely friends who I also count as family.
Does at Strawberry: MingelMartin and Inhouse Sales at Clarion Hotel Stockholm.
Number of Pride parades: Countless as an audience member, but in fact only 4 times as a part of the parade.

The best pictures from Stockholm Pride 2018

Stockholm Pride 2018, together with West Pride in Gothenburg, organised the big EuroPride event. Stockholm Pride is Scandinavia’s largest Pride parade and this year the parade was attended by nearly 600,000 spectators and no fewer than 55 – 60,000 (!) participants in 250 floats. Watch a slideshow from the Pride parade from the 4th of August below.

Strawberry – proud partner of Pride

At Strawberry we welcome you just the way you are. We are convinced that the diversity of our guests and employees contributes to creating unique hotel experiences and magical meetings. Diversity makes us better. Our door is always open.

There is room here for everyone.

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