They are tips for things you do not do every day, every weekend or even every year. Make memories that will last a lifetime and inject some excitement into your life as an antidote to all things mundane! Get away from everyday routines and do something truly unforgettable.

Happy senior couple having fun driving

1. Stay in a place that has never existed before and will soon cease to exist

Imagine staying in a place that only exists for five months! Well, that’s exactly what you can say if you spend a night at the Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, which is made entirely of snow and ice from the Torne river. Every year, the hotel is built in a new guise from the ground up, carefully designed and handmade by about forty artists from around the world. It proudly stands for five months, before melting back into the river.

You can stay in a standard ice room with furnishings and a bed (!) built of ice, or a more elaborate suite designed by the artists. If you don’t like the idea of snuggling up in the ice, we also have so-called warm rooms. If you’re spending several nights with us, we really do recommend you to spend at least one night in the ice!

Deluxe suite at IceHotel - the victorian apartment_original"A fun fact about me, you ask? Well, I once spent the night in a suite made of ice."

There’s also plenty for you to do in the local area, including dog sledding, snowmobile tours, Northern Lights safaris, rafting and outdoor dinners in the wilderness. You can find out more here.

IceHotel entrance under northern lights. Photo: Asaf Kliger_originalThe magical IceHotel.

2. The book about you and me

Have you been blessed with grandchildren? Then turn your grandchild’s life into an adventure – quite literally. Write a letter every year, on the child's birthday, about the year that has passed. Include something about how they have developed, what they have learned and what you two have done together. Think of it as more than a letter, but rather a chapter – a chapter in a book that will delight your family for generations.

3. Experience traditional service in the capital of Finland

When Hotel Kämp opened in 1887, it was Helsinki’s first official 5-star hotel. Today, it is as classic and luxurious as ever! This elegant hotel, right in the heart of the city, will make you feel like you’re stepping into a bygone age. You’ll be greeted by a doorman and a bellhop will ensure your luggage is taken up to your room. Dress in your finest clothes and channel old Hollywood during your stay.

Breakfast at Hotel Kämp_originalA good, good morning at Hotel Kämp.

4. Go back in time

Have you and your partner known each other for years? Are you high school sweethearts perhaps? Then book a stay in the city where you first met to remind yourself of way back when! Visit old hangouts and do the things you used to do, like holding hands as you stroll along enjoying an ice cream! Trace your steps and enjoy a journey back in time.

5. Visit another world

Fancy a trip to another world? Well, it’s not another planet, but a trip to Svalbard, the world's northernmost inhabited area, is certainly an experience like no other! You can travel here all year round, but you should be aware of the huge seasonal differences. Between May and August, the sun does not set on Svalbard, so you could head out on a snowmobile tour in the bright snowy landscape at midnight. It’ll certainly feel like you’re out of this world!

If you enjoy history, then we recommend you to take a boat or snowmobile to Pyramiden, the abandoned Soviet coal mining settlement on Svalbard. All the buildings and streets are empty, and have long been taken over by birds, polar foxes, and the occasional polar bear.

Pyramiden settlement at Svalbard_originalPyramiden – the abandoded settlement on Svalbard.

The dark season lasts from November to February, and is referred to as “Polar Night”, meaning there is zero daylight. Svalbard is the only place where you can see the Northern Lights during the day. Just imagine having lunch while the pitch-black sky is lit up by the moon, the stars and an amazing celestial display!

Sound like something for you? Then book a stay at Funken Lodge in Longyearbyen, where you can also get help in booking all the activities!

6. Head off on a mystery tour

When it comes to arranging fun-packed and action-filled trips, the Norwegians have the edge! They have something called a “Blue Trip”, a trip to an unknown destination arranged by one or two people who plan and arrange everything. The other members of the group are only told the time and place they are due to meet.

Sound fun? Then sit yourself down with a pen and paper and start brainstorming. Whom do you want to invite? Old friends, new friends, lots of friends or just a few? Make sure to agree on a price cap and set some rules, such as the following:

Take turns for who is in charge of planning. Decide how often the Blue Trip should take place, e.g. quarterly or annually. People’s life situations and budgets should determine the details. Only those in charge of planning should be privy to the precise arrangements. Everyone else simply shows up ready for a mystery tour!

In need of some ideas? How about an overnight stay in a treetop cottage, hiking with alpacas, a concert in another city, karaoke, sightseeing, night swimming or perhaps a weekend at a beautiful castle? Let your imagination run wild!

7. Visit the social experiment, the freetown district of Christiania

You may well have heard of Christiania. But have you been there? Christiania is located in Christianshavn in Copenhagen and was a disused military area before nearby residents turned it into their playground in 1971. The houses were quickly populated by hippies and the area has since then been home to people seeking an alternative society. The rules here in Christiania are not based on Danish law and cannabis is sold openly on Pusher Street.

We recommend you go on a guided tour of Christiania with a local resident – a Christianite. The guide will tell you about the history of Christiania, and will share personal stories about life in this freetown district. You can find out more and book a unique guided tour here:

It is not allowed to take pictures in Christiania, and that's why there's no picture above this caption.

8. A jar full of sunshine

On a rainy day, tear a sheet of paper into small pieces. Write down an idea or wish for your future self on each of the pieces of paper, before putting them in a jar. When you feel that your life needs a bit of a boost, pick out a little note. You can’t swap it for another one. While you don’t need to do whatever is written on the note there and then, you do have to do something that takes you one step closer to whatever it is! Book a ticket, do some research or invite someone else to join you!

It might be something as simple as buying a bouquet of flowers or writing a letter and posting it! You could also bake something delicious and share it with a neighbour. Or how about dinner on the beach? Enjoy the little things that add a golden touch to your everyday life.

Take inspiration from these ideas, and never catch yourself feeling that time goes by too fast again!