Go on vacation without making an impact on the environment in Uppsala, winner of the One Planet City Challenge 2018! Discover the city's historic heritage, beautiful parks, the largest cathedral in the Nordic region, Uppsala University's bustling student life, and a large selection of restaurants and bars.

Uppsala Cathedral

Have a vacation without making an impact on the environment in Uppsala, winner of the World Wildlife Fund WWF's competition One Planet City Challenge 2018! With its investments in more green and sustainable transport as well as renewable energy, Uppsala is an obvious choice for the climate-smart traveller.

Get about in a climate-smart way

You can easily travel around in Uppsala without having to make an impact on the environment. Many of the city's attractions are within walking distance, such as museums, the traditional student social groups known as ‘nations’, shopping streets, and many nice restaurants and bars. Don’t miss the sights Uppsala’s Cathedral, The University House, Uppsala Castle, The Botanical Gardens and Gustavianum!
Otherwise you can do as the Uppsala locals do and ride a bike everywhere! This environmentally friendly city has invested heavily in its bicycle lanes and for short distances the bike is clearly the most popular means of transport. On two wheels you get a better overview of the city and can quickly and easily take yourself from one attraction to another, in the most climate-friendly fashion too!

Stay at the climate-smart Clarion Hotel Gillet

At Clarion Hotel Gillet you can stay centrally in Uppsala and really close to Uppsala Cathedral, Fyrisån and The Linne Garden. The hotel's environmental work goes hand in hand with Uppsala's ambitious climate goals, and is an obvious choice for those who want to be climate-smart.

superiorrum clarion hotel gillet uppsalaCheck into one of the hotel's beautiful Superior Rooms.

Clarion Hotel Gillet does active environmental work, following the environmental certification ISO 14001, placing high demands on suppliers to reduce unnecessary packaging material, and trying to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to deliveries. Conference groups get greener food on their dinner plates and the hotel's bartenders live by the hotel's "No Waste Philosophy" standards, which means that raw materials that are left over from other departments are utilised in the bar to reduce food waste.

“I am so proud to work in a company that thinks sustainably with a strong focus on the future. The fact that Uppsala has also won the award as Climate City of the Year feels fantastic. The city's focus on knowledge exchange and strong regional leadership has got Uppsala to where it is today. We as a hotel contribute to this success by constantly making changes with the environment in mind. At the hotel there is an active environmental group where new creative ideas are launched and become a reality”, says CEO Susanne Boije Fredlund.

pool selma city spa clarion hotel gillet uppsala*Combine your visit with a visit to the spa! At the hotel there is Selma City Spa Uppsala, where you can enjoy the jacuzzi, sauna and spa treatments. *

bar clarion hotel gillet uppsalaHave an aperitif before dinner in the hotel bar.

WeCare – sustainability at Strawberry

Active environmental work according to the environmental certification ISO 14001 goes hand in hand with many other sustainable initiatives within Strawberry. We share a tradition and culture of doing more than simply what is expected of us – for the guests, our employees, society, and the environment. We call this work WeCare. Read more about the sustainability work at our hotels here.


5 environmentally friendly initiatives at Clarion Hotel Gillet

  • Only LED lighting in the hotel rooms
  • All bathrooms have water-saving flush, taps, and showers
  • All food waste becomes biofuel that powers Uppsala's buses
  • Products with palm oil have been removed entirely from the range
  • Excluding disposable packaging as much as possible