On 10 January, Clarion Hotel won HSMAI Norway’s prize for brand building in Norway thanks to its #WeAreClarion campaign. Clarion Hotel has also announced that it is going to launch to campaign in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. We look forward to hear more about how that goes!

Prize-winning campaign

What is it exactly that makes your hotel stay memorable? Is it those little bottles of shampoo waiting for you in the bathroom? Perhaps it’s the feeling of lying down in your hotel room’s newly-made bed? Or could it be the great breakfast buffet you look forward to the next morning? All of these things, and of course more, play an important role during your stay. But, we have not mentioned the most important thing – the service!

The magic of human contact

It is the contact with the people working at the hotel that make your stay unforgettable. Do you think that sounds simple? Think again. A hotel can invest plenty of money in design, furnishings and luxury minibars. But it is the people who work at the hotel that are the most important resource. The people who make your bed or who greet you with a smile at the hotel reception. The ones who note that you prefer an extra pillow and remember exactly what you want on your omelette in the morning. The people who go that little bit further to make your hotel visit extra special.

Clarion Hotel proudly displays its stars

The Clarion Hotel hotel chain have often pointed out that they have the highest number of stars when it comes to engaged and competent staff.

”We are lucky to have attracted some of the industry’s very best employees,” said the managers at Clarion Hotel with obvious gratitude. Clarion Hotel has therefore proudly created the #WeAreClarion campaign.

We Are Clarion

#WeAreClarion showcases the rich diversity of talented co-workers at Clarion Hotel. Their stories, memories, experiences and dreams are presented here. Clarion Hotel sent out their production team who travelled around Norway and met with employees at all Clarion Hotel branches, they had a camera and a notebook with them – and the results were outstanding.

The stories they heard on their visits to all the hotels are authentic and personal. Many of them will make you laugh, while others will move you to tears. All are guaranteed to touch you!

Francois is making desserts that will make the guests… hee hee! Come back?

94.9% of Yusuf’s body is made up of raw energy. It is needed and it is noted. A true spreader of joy.

At Clarion Hotel Trondheim, people with a total of 29 different nationalities work together and learn a lot from each other’s different backgrounds.

This is just a taster from all of the great stories. Read and experience more here.

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