Gothenburg: Northern Europe's Silicon Valley

Brimming with innovation and new technology, Karlatornet soars 245 meters above the Gothenburg skyline. The skyskraper will be home to the latest hotel to join Strawberry in Gothenburg, which is rapidly emerging as the Silicon Valley of Northern Europe.

  • It's no coincidence that the Clarion Hotel® Karlatornet has seen the light of day in the capital of Sweden's west coast.

  • The iconic structure is not just a feat of engineering but is also the tallest building in Northern Europe.

  • "Gothenburg has taken a clear ambition of binge a technological beacon. It aims to establish themselves as the Silicon Valley of Northern Europe."

  • "Just having such a high ambition is very exciting," says Kari Anna Fiskvik, CTO at Strawberry.

  • She finds it thrilling to witness the city undergoing such rapid development. There is a lot of creation, change, and construction.

"Looking back 20-30 years from now, we'll know that this was a time when the city took a stand. When Gothenburg made and shaped history, rather than just letting history happen. It's hugely motivating. I realise not every city can set such ambitious goals, but it's wonderful that Gothenburg is doing so," says Kari Anna.

Strawberry itself is involved in several of the city's major development projects. The most famous of these projects is Karlatornet, which will feature the very best suites of Clarion Hotel® Karlatornet on floor 58. All the other roms will be located in the 15-storey building right next door. Once completed, Karlatornet will have 73 floors, and at 245 metres high it will be Northern Europe’s tallest building. Each floor is offset by 60 centimetres, creating a 'waist' that rotates a quarter turn, giving it a new and exciting architectural look.

  • Gothenburg - business and pleasure

    Madelene Näslund, a project manager for tech at Business Region Gothenburg, believes there are several reasons why the Swedish metropolis has become an attractive destination for work, technology, and inspiration:

  • "One of Gothenburg's great advantages is that you can find so much excitement right in the city centre, with virtually everything within walking distance."

  • "You have Gothenburg's proximity to nature, with untouched wilderness and a bustling city centre, not to mention a beautiful archipelago. All of this makes the city a fantastic place," she adds:

  • "You easily get a great mix of work and pleasure."

  • Madelene has a passion for technology and works to create the best conditions for tech companies in their start-up and scaling phases in Gothenburg.

  • She more than agrees that Gothenburg stands out as a tech city compared to many other metropolises.

  • "Sweden's innovation engine is spelled 'Gothenburg'. The city has the highest number of engineers per capita in Sweden and is an international leader in R&D and testing communities for the green transitions."

  • "Gothenburg is also a world leader in areas such as mobility and life sciences. All of this is a huge draw," says Madelene, adding:

  • "We also have world-leading university incubators and science parks, as well as cutting edge global companies that support the development of a strong start-up community."

  • Choosing Gothenburg as a tech destination also means that one can travel with a good conscience. Especially if your workplace is concerned about the environment and sustainability.

  • In fact, the city has been named the world's most sustainable travel destination by the Global Destination Sustainability Index 2022.

Here are three excellent hotels for your business trip

Whether you're on a business trip, seeking creative inspiration, or working somewhere with a focus on sustainability, Gothenburg is the city to visit – a city that also boasts an exciting food scene, vibrant nightlife, and a multitude of options for co-working, meeting rooms, and conferences.

Clarion Hotel® Post – for those wanting a central location with easy access to the city. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, swimming pool, gym, a delicious lunch at Norda, and Nordic ingredients with a Japanese twist at VRÅ for dinner. The hotel offers both small and large meeting rooms.

Clarion Hotel® Pier is located slightly outside the city centre, at Lindholmen. Here, you have everything in one place for meetings, conferences, and congresses. The hotel has flexible spaces and creative solutions for work gatherings. And the best part? Restaurant Fei – a Chinese dining experience like no other. You're unlikely to find a more authentic Chinese à la carte restaurant, and it offers fantastic views.

Clarion Hotel® Draken will open its doors on 1st October 2023. It will be a unique hotel spread across 34 floors, with two restaurants, four bars, conference rooms, a spa, rooftop bar, screening room, cinema, suites, and 474 guest rooms. A venerable and simply amazing place for your next business trip.

If you or your colleagues are interested in technology, do make sure to check Gothenburg's tech calendar, packed with TechMeetups, workshops, seminars, and a variety of happenings, as well as larger events like Go West and Gbg Tech Week.

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