All last winter, two major news announcements were brewing at Nordic Choice Club. What is this news, and what does it mean for members? We had a chat with “Chief Steward” at Nordic Choice Club, Nicolay Corneliussen.

As Nordic Choice Club celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, it seems appropriate to honour the occasion with some very good news for members. For the last nine years, Nicolay Corneliussen, Head of CRM & Loyalty at Nordic Choice Hotels, has led the crew responsible for running, developing and improving Nordic Choice Club. Here he tells us about two major news announcements concerning the loyalty program, and about what the news means for you as a member.

Nicolay Corneliussen, Head of CRM & LoyaltyNicolay Corneliussen, Head of CRM & Loyalty

Loyalty deserves its rewards

– In our business, loyal guests are the most important asset we possess. Those who come back to us again and again help us to become stronger. Our loyal guests deserve to be rewarded for their long and faithful service, so they can maintain their friendly affinity with Nordic Choice Hotels, says Nicolay.

We want these loyal members to keep the benefits they have attained through their membership and that they will go on choosing us – for life. Even though they might not stay with us as frequently as before, he explains.

LIFETIME – appreciation, for always

– Because the fidelity these members show means so much to us, lifelong rewards are our way of saying thanks, Nicolay reveals.

And thus LIFETIME came into being. LIFETIME shows how many bonus points a member has accrued in total from their very first day as a member. When you´ve earned a total of 500,000 bonus points you receive GOLD LIFETIME and all the rewards that GOLD membership bestows – for life and as long as Nordic Choice Club does business. And when you reach a total of one million bonus points, you´ve reached the absolute pinnacle: PLATINUM LIFETIME, which gives you all the benefits of PLATINUM, for as long as you live!

Upgrade by points

We´ve also considered those members who don´t necessarily stay very often at Nordic Choice Hotels, but who are nevertheless loyal members in other ways. Upgrade by points has arrived.

Until now, the only way for members to upgrade their membership status was based on the number of qualifying nights they could boast, that is, the amount of time they spent at our hotels. Now there’s an extra way to upgrade: Based on points.

– We also want to reward those members who spend more money per overnight stay, or those who earn points by making use of our partners and the Nordic Choice Club MasterCard, explains Nicolay.

So now there´s another way to raise your membership status. All the points you earn via partners also count.

– For members, this means that it´s now easier to reach higher membership levels, as well as more opportunities to enjoy the rewards and advantages we offer, says Nicolay.

Nordic Choice Hotels also happens to be the first major player in the hospitality branch in the Nordic Region to offer lifetime membership.

– I´m very proud that we´re the first to offer this. In addition, I´m really pleased that we can now offer such flexibility in the ways that members can express loyalty, says Nicolay.

Nor does Nicolay think that it´s risky to allow members retain their GOLD and PLATINUM membership for life.

– When members have spent so much money at our hotels down through the years, then there is no question but we want to give something back. Even if these members stay with us less frequently as the years go by, it remains important for us that loyal members continue to choose Nordic Choice Hotels.

Nordic Choice Club in the Future

In the future, Nicolay promises that Nordic Choice Club will continue to strive to make everyday visits, trips and hotel stays easier and better for guests and members. Nordic Choice Hotels has already launched a separate app to help do just that.

– The future is digital, and the future of Nordic Choice Club must be too, particularly given our ambition to be the leading loyalty program in the Nordic region. Our goal is that all the features, benefits and perks of our loyalty program will be digitally accessible. Nordic Choice Club will be your invisible, digital travel partner when you´re on the road and staying at our hotels, Nicolay concludes.

Would you like to discover more? All you need to know about this exciting development and how to earn points via partners, and about Nordic Choice Club in general, can be found here.