22nd May 2023 is a big day. Nordic Choice Hotels is retiring for good and becoming Strawberry. But fear not this will bring benefits for our members. Read about why we're becoming Strawberry and the various advantages this will have for members.

Breakfast in bed at Clarion Hotel Winn's suite.

In a few weeks we add a new and exciting chapter to our history, titled: Nordic Choice Hotels will become Strawberry. Perhaps you caught wind of this last summer, when the news broke. There has been plenty of activity since then. With every step carefully planned, the big day is finally here. On the 22nd of May 2023, Strawberry will be launched, unlocking all of the exciting potential of this change! And we guarantee that your membership will benefit and prosper.

Before you read more, we want to assure our members of the following:

  • Nothing will happen to your bonus points - they will remain as they are

  • None of your benefits will disappear - quite the opposite, they'll grow

  • Nothing will vanish Nothing! This change will bring many benefits - and more

With a sense of relief, you're probably curious to know what will happen when Nordic Choice Hotels name disappears from the app, the websites, the emails you regularly receive and... actually from everywhere? Read on to find out more. But first some more information about why we're changing names.

Petter Stordalen at stage at VK 2023_16_9Petter Stordalen talks about Strawberry in front of an audience of 3,000 employees at the company's winter conference in 2023.

Why Strawberry?

It is essential for businesses to constantly improve and find new avenues for growth, even when they are flourishing. The time had come for something fresh and new, and the boss himself, Petter Stordalen, has this to say about the change:

Growth is in the company's DNA, and in order for us to continue the fantastic growth we have had over the past 25 years, change is required. It's no longer enough to simply adapt. We need to be in the driving seat. We need to be the best at hotel experiences. And we need to challenge our role as a tourism operator with the goal of becoming more relevant, for more people, more often. That's why Strawberry is a new and exciting era for us.

The hotel adventure that started 25 years ago with one hotel, today has around 17,000 employees and well over 200 hotels, including a huge selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, social areas, gyms, spas, meeting and conference rooms, event rooms +++ . This portfolio offers enormous potential for providing memorable experiences, which Strawberry needs to fully unlock.

Strawberry - what's up?

We have always been, and will continue to be, a rebel in the hotel industry - and we're now taking this vision a step further. It's not without reason that we're now placing ourselves firmly under the phrase "More to explore". Strawberry offers a vast array of experiences. This not simply a portal for hotel bookings, but also for meetings and conferences in all shapes and sizes, a superb selection of restaurants and bars, alongside a wide range of options including top class spas, exciting exhibitions, events and partner experiences, and not least, a range of additional benefits for all our members.

Using the app and our website, everyone - and especially our members - should be able to enjoy a fantastic Nordic stay. And you should also know that you will receive benefits that extend beyond the Nordic borders (stay tuned..) May we be so bold as to suggest that Strawberry will make your life...

  • more fun

  • more meaningful

  • more exciting

…And who does not want a more fun, more meaningful and more exciting life?

Torgeir Silseth at VK stage 2023_16_9Torgeir Silseth talks about future plans for the company – again in front of 3,000 employees at the company's winter conference in 2023.

So..what does this mean for my membership?

As mentioned above, nothing will be ta from your membership. This will not affect your membership level, your bonus points, your benefits, your bookings, and it does not alter hotel names or hotel chains either. This is what managing director Torgeir Silseth, has to say about the new era for members:

  • Now the company is entering a new era to meet the tourism of the future, and we need to create a highly attractive loyalty club with products and offers adapted to the guest of the future. At the same time, we'll build on the core of everything Nordic Choice Hotels stands for, namely sustainability, diversity and inclusion, giving everyone an opportunity, and fighting for access for all.

And PS: This is not just a re-branding for members with a simple name change - on the contrary! (stay tuned..)

Quick question… what's happening to my Nordic Choice Club Mastercard?

Your Mastercard will be starting a new and exciting journey. You will know that the card is benefiting from a redesign, but the changes go further than that, but we need to keep some of these Strawberry Mastercard improvements under wraps for now. All you need to do is join us on the journey! Rest assured, you will still earn points every time you use the card. Well, YES! You will. Of course!

Welcome to a new era!

A new beginning is here, and we can't wait to show you EVERYTHING we have to offer. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more exciting news about what's going to happen for Strawberry - and it's big. Last, but not least: make a note of the 22nd of May in your diary. It's a date! To be continued…